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MoxVeda – Adding a new language to your website was never easier by Rakesh Kapoor

Straight from the heart


I often encounter concerns from my clients and prospects about the challenges of delivering their website and mobile apps in multiple languages, to be able to reach out to more customers. Many express that it takes a lot of effort, dedicated manpower, knowledge of multiple languages, a reliable translation agency, management of translation processes, and much more. They find it hard to believe when I tell them that implementing MoxVeda for website and app localization can eliminate all these efforts. Another impressive benefit of MoxVeda is its ability to discover new content and updates from your website to trigger the translation and update process all by itself.
With MoxVeda, the effort involved in making your website multilingual is as close to zero as possible, freeing up your time and resources to focus on your core business activities. MoxVeda becomes a trusted companion to your website and portals, managing the language sites and delivering high-quality, business-grade translations to your users always.
MoxVeda, our end-to-end content localization system streamlines and automates the website translation process, effortlessly, efficiently, and reliably.