Why should you use a CAT tool to manage your translation projects?

Today, multilingual content is in high demand across a variety of platforms in the digital world. Businesses use multilingual messaging to better interact with customers, but so do netizens on social media platforms. This growing demand for multilingual content highlights the importance of having the right tools and techniques for

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How to make an effective localization strategy in 2023?

In the Indian internet user space, vernacular language users are becoming more prominent day by day. Unless this audience does not understand the business message you are trying to convey, it is difficult to sell your products and services to them, By localizing your website content, you are not just

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Qualities of A Good Translation: Everything You Need to Know

Translation: It’s Need & Relevance It’s no hidden secret that the 21st century is hallmarked with seamless and limitless information over the internet. The internet, although heavily dominated by the English language, caters to the 780 crore+ population of the world, which speaks more than 7000 languages and dialects. With

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Indian Regional Language Translation: A Complete Guide

If you are an MNC, business, startup — unicorn or soonicorn — or just a solopreneur looking to expand your business footfall in India with the best Indian language translation services, you are reading the right article.  The Indian language translation industry, like other industries, is constantly evolving and adapting

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Translations VS Interpretation: What are the differences

The conundrum between the four Ts of translation is a never-ending saga; what matters is the consonance between these four Ts of translation. To convey the meaning in its entirety, translation and interpretation are often used simultaneously. Although it’s not always good to see these components in binary terms, even

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