For Travel & Hospitality

Smart Automated solution For Travel & Hospitality:

Travel and Hospitality is a diverse and highly competitive industry. Localization and translation is an essential factor when defining the customer experience within the online travel and hospitality sector. To effectively reach out to the right audience, it is important to adapt all forms of content and digital media in the choice of their language. True customer experience in ease of booking defines the, scheduling itineraries. Process Nine, understands the needs of a brand to engage with potential travelers and give them a true localized experience. The localization techniques for travel & hospitality are scalable to be able to handle millions of visitors. The engine is trained to give travel specific outputs. “Book Hotels” is localized to “होटल बुक करें” and not “किताब होटल”

Localization is effective for

  • Online Travel Aggregators
  • Hotel Booking Sites
  • Interfaces for Inventory distribution
  • Interfaces for tour operators, drivers and agents.


Penetrating a multilingual market can be daunting. But it is essential to connect with users in their own languages, for which localization is imperative.

Process 9 can implement the right combination of tools that best suits your requirements. This includes:

  • – Localization of website and mobile applications
  • – Quick, real-time translation of dynamic data
  • – Localization of back-end database
  • – Implementation of localized text entry and search

The Internet is everywhere, making your product accessible through smartphones. Process 9’s MOX Gateway can help you design a quick, easy, and pain-free pilot exercise for your product by localizing your website and mobile application. This is ideal for conducting market studies.

Process 9 can partner with you on your localization journey. Our solutions can localize your entire cycle from login to payment and text entry in all Indian languages. This will enable you to give your users an excellent user experience in their own language.

Process 9’s MOX Gateway is a one-stop-solution to localize your website and mobile application without changing your back-end data, source code, or user interface. Your development and IT teams can now focus more on the core business and worry less about translation.

Process 9 understands your need to stay market-relevant and make changes as and when required. Our solutions require no additional support for frequent changes and all updates to the main content will directly reflect in the localized versions.

MOX Wave is an ideal solution that provides real-time translation and transliteration of data from English to 9 Indian languages. It is a scalable machine translation system, available as a cloud-based API. MOX Wave has seen success in many e-businesses.

MOX Mobile is a three-way localization solution – OS translation, Indian keypads, and Indian fonts – making your device perfectly suitable for the wide range of Indian consumers. It is a tried and tested solution, being the preferred localization solution for many major mobile device firms in India.

Congratulations! We just love working at the initial stages of development. Our team will work with you to build your application in line with the best localization practices in the industry, allowing easy transition into any language you may prefer. An app that is built right can be easily scaled to different languages – as easy as a plug-n-play solution.

Complete localization not only enables users to consume data in their preferred language, but also allows them to respond in their language of choice. With Process 9 you can easily integrate a user-friendly Indian language keypad to your website/application, enabling your audience to engage with you in their preferred language. Our team of developers will ensure that no functionality is amiss with the whole process.