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Achieve global reach and customer delight with multilingual chatbot localization. Transform your chat support with Process Nine.

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MoxWave: A user-friendly chatbot localization solution for a smooth, and personalized customer support experience.

Break the language barrier that is currently hindering your chat support services. Improve your reach with your customers and establish a culturally sensitive relationship by chatting with them in the language of their preference. MoxWave is uniquely qualified to translate texts effortlessly according to user preference because of its strong language detection and understanding capabilities. It can also be easily integrated with social media channels and chat platforms like WhatsApp. READ MORE

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Benefits of Chatbot Localization

Benefits of Chatbot Localization

With the competitive nature of the digital market, your company will need to incorporate more languages into communication as it expands into new markets. With AI-enabled MoxWave technology, effortlessly add new languages to your chatbot and expand your reach to a diverse audience.

By using chatbot localization, you can analyze every user interaction and comprehend insightful conclusions about your customer’s preferences, behavioral patterns, and industry trends. Make informed decisions and targeted strategies that can propel your business forward with the help of these insights.

Dynamically reduce the amount of manpower required to provide multilingual chat support for clients across various markets. With chatbot localization, offer round-the-clock customer support in numerous languages, in consistently superior quality.

Encourage diversity among all types of clients by empowering them to communicate in the language of their choice. Using multilingual chatbots, provide customers with all the information without encountering any language barriers.

How it Works?

Based on the input text, the chatbot determines the language of your customer. The customer’s message is then translated into a neutral language, like English, using sophisticated machine translation techniques. The chatbot now interprets the customer’s question after processing the translated message.  This query generates an appropriate response in the neutral language, which is then reverse-translated into the language selected by the customer. Imagine a customer who speaks Gujarati attempting to communicate with a customer support representative who does not speak the language well, but is fluent in Tamil. In this case, real-time message translation is made possible by chatbot localization, guaranteeing smooth communication between the Tamil executive and the Gujarati client.

How it works
MoxWave Your top Choice for chatbot localization

MoxWave: Your Top Choice for Chatbot Localization

To make it easier for customers to browse through your services or product portfolio, MoxWave can create user-friendly chat flows based on your business model. 

By translating any document that is a part of the chat, such as invoices and account statements, the technology ensures that your experience with chat support is completely smooth.

MoxWave allows for smooth redirection from the chatbot to your app or website, allowing you to further improve the user experience.

MoxWave supports all Indian languages in its native and hybrid form giving the customer the choice of how they want to communicate. For example, a customer can use हिंदी or Hinglish to share his queries and with chatbot translation using MoxWave, your bot can respond to both.

MoxWave provides support for multilingual live chat for real-time assistance in all Indian languages

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Chatbot localization is the process of adapting a chatbot to multiple languages by translating content, adjusting cultural nuances, and incorporating local laws and regulations. It enables effective communication with users from various geographical regions.

Yes, Moxwave supports static ( menu-based) and dynamic chatbots

Your products and services can reach a larger audience and demonstrate inclusivity if you offer chat support in multiple languages. It can boost sales and build a devoted clientele in addition to broadening your market reach.

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