Document Translation

Enter MoxWords, a unified platform designed to tackle the translation of all these file types and more. But that’s not all – MoxWords goes beyond mere translation

Document translation

Welcome to a new way of translating documents quickly and easily with the MoxWords

Content is created and shared in many different ways and formats: forms, blogs, contracts, presentations, Excel files, CSV data dumps, plain text, XMLs, you name it. Some of this content also contains codes or tags that need to be treated with special care during translation. Now, there is a unified platform that can translate all these file types and many more. And it will also take care of all file and content formatting.

This simple yet powerful tool enables you to streamline your translation process for documents and add speed and scale to your operations. Here are some reasons to shift from your old manual process to MoxWords. Read more

Freedom of Format

What You Get

The MoxWords is an easy to use online portal with a simple interface. You can upload your documents and assign them for translation. The portal shows you the exact status of your document at all times and sends email alerts upon status changes

All major document formats like MS Office files, HTML files, JSON files, XML files, CSV files, JS files, Audio files, Video files can be translated using MoxWords.

The translated files are exported in the same format as the source.

For every file you upload for translation, you can choose between translation or transliteration and between machine translation or human translation services. Machine translation is done by Process9’s high quality neural machine translation engine – MoxWords. For Human translation, you can choose from Process9’s trusted network of high quality translators or any translator of your choice.

Now you can store all your original and translated documents in one place with an easy, clean and searchable interface. Save precious time in retrieving older versions of documents or lost files. Find key information for all your documents, like date of creation, date of last update and word count in a single click. Declutter your inbox and desktops, MoxWords is here to get you organized.

The translation workflow designed in MoxWords ensures optimal segmentation of the data into smaller text segments. These segments are stored for future use once they are translated. Hence, if there are duplications within a document, or across multiple documents in a project, they will be translated only once. This can result in a cost saving from anywhere between 10-60% based on the volumes and length of the project.

Since the entire document is divided into smaller reusable text segments, the time to complete the translation for a document also significantly goes down over time. This can help shave off previous hours in translation and proof-reading of say, large documents with frequent and minor version changes.

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Document translation is the process of converting the content of a document from one language to another while preserving its original meaning, style, and format. This involves translating written text, such as articles, reports, contracts, or manuals, into a target language to make it accessible and understandable to speakers of that language.

Document translation is crucial for facilitating communication and understanding across linguistic barriers. It enables businesses to reach a larger audience, expand into new markets, and engage with clients, partners, and stakeholders in their native languages. Additionally, accurate translation of legal, technical, or medical documents ensures compliance, reduces misunderstandings, and builds trust in professional and personal contexts.

The time it takes to translate a document depends on various factors like length, complexity, language pair(s), and format. If done completely manually, typically, a 2,500-word document may take a couple of days to translate. However, leveraging a platform to translate documents can significantly reduce translation time and also enhance its quality through its features like machine translation support, fuzzy matches, translation memory, spell check and glossary support.

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