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The most robust AI-driven Localization Solution for Website & App Localization

What Is MoxVeda?

MoxVeda is our groundbreaking software localization platform, designed to simplify complexities. Powered by AI, it translates diverse digital assets – websites, apps, software – into any language effortlessly, without requiring any changes to source code or databases. The versatile MoxVeda accommodates all popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, as well as complex platforms like AEM & LifeRay. It effortlessly handles all major tech stacks like HTML, Java, PHP, Linux, DotNet, and React.
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Integration across all platforms and tech stacks ensures uninterrupted functionality with zero disruptions


The support team handles hassle-free preventive maintenance, enabling you to focus solely on your original website translation without any distractions


Continuous monitoring of content changes and providing a 100% guarantee that both original and translated websites remain perfectly synchronized


Explore the pinnacle of website localization for excellent user engagement and global accessibility


Explore over 80+ language options and experience tailored translation by controlling which segments to translate/ignore, and also by selecting the preferred source for translation


Hosting for localized websites with unlimited bandwidth and flexible scaling according to the requirements

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System Architecture

Experience MoxVeda, deployed within Process9’s private cloud or your private datacentre. Simply choose your desired languages, and MoxVeda handles the rest. It automatically identifies content for translation, and allows you a choice between machine and manually verified translations. Once the content is translated, MoxVeda dynamically recreates localized web pages, ensuring synchronization and consistency across languages. With its image and design management capabilities, MoxVeda maintains fidelity and delivers a unified user experience.

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Prominent Advantages of MoxVeda

Data Backup

A one-stop solution for localization of websites, mobile apps, transaction portals, customer support portals, and various digital properties from a single interface

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Easily integrates with your systems, no backend changes are required. It adapts to dynamic code and UI/UX adjustments effortlessly

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Compatible with leading development platforms and coding languages for websites and apps, ensuring flexibility and efficient integration

Sync Line

Customize localization effortlessly: choose specific sections, target languages, term bases, and translation sources (machine or human) to fit your needs


Upgrade translations with MoxVeda’s intelligent memory for smarter, more efficient language processing

Shield Check

Scalability with Process9’s hosted cloud servers or within your data centers

Data Backup

Centralize all your digital assets for streamlined content management, workflows, and cost efficiency. Gain a unified perspective on translation expenses

Data Bin

Hosted on a secure cloud, encrypted with HTTPS protocols, and compliant with VAPT. For added security, consider hosting MoxVeda in your data center

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Supports over 80+ global languages, term-base, spell checks & more. Can integrate with any machine translation engine of your choice

Explore MoxVeda Live: Real-World Applications

Step into the dynamic world of MoxVeda with our live demonstrations, showcasing its real-world applications. Experience the digital localization revolution with our platform and enhance your global business strategies efficiently. Witness it firsthand!


“Being a global organization, we understand the importance of being present in multiple languages. With Process9, we found the right balance of tech expertise and language expertise. With our apps, websites and marcom collateral converted to 9 Indian languages through tools offered by Process9 – MoxWave and MoxVeda, we are seeing a steady growth in our app downloads as well as a healthy rise in consumer engagement. The technology is great, with an impressively high degree of accuracy. The entire process from start to go-live was quick and smooth. The architecture passed all our stringent data security checks. Continues to be a delight working with Process9 solutions.”

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