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A Note on English to Hindi Translation

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This English to Hindi Translation Tool is powered by Process9’s MoxWave Nerual Machine Translation API. To translate any text from English to Hindi, simply type or copy-paste the text in the box on the left and click on the ‘Translate’ button in between. MoxWave will translate your English text into Hindi instantly.

The whole translation process happens very quickly. You can translate up to 100 words at a time. Please note that this is a machine translation and will not be completely accurate. However, it would give you a good idea about the intent of the message, and you can make minor edits to make it fully accurate. Sometimes, the translation would also be absolutely correct, requiring no editing at all. MoxWave is being trained on a daily basis by the development and language teams of Process Nine Technologies to make it smarter and more accurate. It is our vision to make it near perfect one day.

The Hindi language is spoken by 572.0 million people around the world, and this number is growing every day. Very often people can speak Hindi but cannot type in Hindi very easily. The transliteration feature on this page can be used to easily type in Hindi as well. To do this, simply type your message in Hinglish on the left, select the Transliterate Option on the radio button and then click the ‘Translate’ button in the center. Your message will get typed in Hindi on the right hand side.

You can copy-paste the Hindi text from here and use it anywhere, like Google searches, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, or any other communication.

If you have any feedback for us or any suggestions for improvement, please reach out to us. Our social media handles are added at the bottom of this page. If you like our service, please also give us your kind words of encouragement on social media.

Commonly Used English to Hindi Phrases

Hello / Hi / Greetingsनमस्ते (namastey)
How are you?आप कैसे हैं? (aap kaise hain?)
Thank youधन्यवाद (dhanyavad)
Sorryमाफ कीजिए (maaf kijiye)
I love youमुझे आपसे प्यार है (mujhe aapse pyaar hai)
Byeटाटा (tata)
See you laterफिर मिलेंगे (fir milengay)
Take careअपना ध्यान रखना (apna dhyaan rakhna)
It was a pleasure to meet youआपसे मिलकर खुशी हुई (aapse milkar khushi hui)
This is goodयह अच्छा है (ye achha hai)
This is badयह खराब है (ye kharab hai)
What is your name?आपका नाम क्या है? (aapka naam kya hai?)
My name is (name)मेरा नाम (name) है (mera naam (name) hai)
Please help meमेरी मदद कीजिए (meri madad kijiye)
I need drinking waterमुझे पीने का पानी चाहिए (mujhe peene ka paani chahiye)
I need foodमुझे खाना चाहिए (mujhe khana chahiye)
I need a restaurantमुझे एक रेस्टोरेंट चाहिए (mujhe ek restaurant chahiye)
I need a restroom / toiletमुझे टॉयलेट चाहिए (mujhe toilet chahiye)
I need a doctorमुझे डॉक्टर चाहिए (mujhe doctor chahiye)
Hospitalअस्पताल (aspataal)
How much does this cost?यह कितने का है? (ye kitne ka hai?)
Is this vegetarian?क्या यह शाकाहारी है? (kya ye shakahari hai?)
I do not know Hindiमुझे हिन्दी नहीं आती (mujhe Hindi nahi aati)
Do you know English?क्या आपको अंग्रेजी आती है? (kya aapko Angrezi aati hai?)
I want to go to (place)मुझे (place) जाना है (mujhe (place) jaana hai)
Go straightसीधा जाओ (seedha jao)
Turn Rightदाएं मुड़ो (dayen mudo)
Turn Leftबाएं मुड़ो (bayen mudo)
Take a u-turnउल्टा घूमो (ulta ghoomo)
Go backपीछे जाओ (peechhe jaao)

About MoxWave

You can translate as well as transliterate text from English to Assamese here. MoxWave can be used to translate text, and documents like MS Word files, Notepad files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, XML files, String files, and much more.

You can also translate your website and app through MoxWave. MoxWave’s AI-ML machine translation service is also available in voice, which means you can convert text to speech, speech to text, and also perform speech-to-speech translation. To try out the Indian Language Voice Services of MoxWave, click here.

MoxWave is built upon complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies that are also context-sensitive. This means that we have different APIs for different domains, like eCommerce and finance. MoxWave is also customizable. So, if you want to perform any special training or settings implemented for your usage, MoxWave can accommodate that.

An example of this can be that you are an eCommerce store selling clothes, and you want to make sure that all the brands listed on your website are always kept in English and never converted to Assamese. This can be set up within MoxWave so that every automated translation you receive will always have the brand name kept in English, and the remaining sentences will be translated!

MoxWave’s high accuracy and periodic learning cycles ensure that the machine translations you receive are of high quality and are always improving with time. You can use them directly, or you can also make minor edits to make them more suitable for your needs. Using MoxWave ensures at least a 50% reduction in your time and cost for any translation project. This benefit can also go up to 80% in some cases, since machine translation only costs a fraction of human translation and gives you translations almost instantly.