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Localization is the need of the hour and we needed a solution that would give us freedom and flexibility without any pains.
After evaluating many options, we found the best fit with Process9. Their automated MoxVeda platform made website translation very easy and smooth for us. With next to no effort, we have added languages on our app and website, and everything is looking great. We have saved time, effort and money.


Stock broking process9 offerings

What Do We Offer?

Make your trading platform multilingual with the top Indian languages to win over the retail investors in the stock market. With our AI-based localization platform, MoxVeda, we can assist you in localizing all the data in your stock broking application and website. Get your brand recognized among the new band of retail investors through simplified multilingual content on every stock market-related information, including disclosures, regulatory changes, IPOs, etc without losing its context.

In the stock trading business, where confidentiality and trust are of paramount importance, partner with us to create tailor-made translations for your business. With MoxWave, our neural machine translation system, we generate translations in real-time. Our localization technology ensures complete confidentiality and abides by all the compliance requirements in stock trading.

With proven localization methods, we can help you create the right brand communication in clear and concise Indian languages without adding jargon. We can assist you in connecting with your regional customers in a language of their choice and making them understand various aspects of stock investments and their transaction cycles in a simplified manner.

Create a unique hyperlocal experience for your investors by localizing various marketing avenues other than your digital platforms, like e-mails, push notifications, in-app alerts, etc., to increase user engagement. During localization, we ensure maximum precision in all translations while keeping the cultural preferences of the locale in mind.

The Process9 Difference

MoxVeda: Right Partner for Stock Trade Localisations

Data Backup

Capacity to Handle High Volume Of Data

MoxVeda, a platform that handles high volumes of data, is built on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. MoxWave can be consumed as an API by integrating the client-side infrastructure and the database.

Data Bin

An API Well Trained in the Financial Domain

The MoxWave translation API is well-trained in the financial domain and can be customized based on your requirements.

Sync Line

Effective Synchronisation Between English and Other Languages

One of the main features of MoxVeda is its ability to synchronize content and design across English and multilingual pages. This guarantees users a unified experience for all investors, irrespective of the language.

Pricetag Outline

Reduced Translation Costs

Machine translations are cost-effective and have a quicker turnaround time in comparison to human translation. With the translation memory feature of MoxVeda, the translation costs of the content can be reduced by 50%. The MoxVeda platform has universal compatibility with all the technology stacks, CMS platforms, and architectures with respect to design and content.


Cross Functional Utilization

All types of content can be localized using the single MoxWave API. It is possible to reuse translated content without paying repeatedly for it.

Shield Check

Secured and scalable architecture

MoxVeda and MoxWave provide bank-grade security and are subject to regular security tests and audits. MoxVeda has a scalable architecture and facilitates mobile app and website translation without requiring the original digital asset to be recoded or redeveloped.

Process Nine Technologies is a leading language technology business with six decades of experience, and we have unrivaled competence in building localization solutions employing artificial intelligence, machine language, and natural language processing. We are your trusted partner in making your stock trading platforms language competent because of,

Our expertise in curating industry-specific solutions

Our ability to create high-quality translations in all the official Indian languages

Ability to provide a 360-degree language experience to the users

Proficiency in delivering on-premise and cloud-based hosting options


Presently, non-English-speaking retail brokers from across the country are showing major participation in stock trading. The inability to comprehend time-sensitive market information and the English language stock trading platforms hinder these retail investors from making the right investment decisions. By localizing your stock trading application and website, you open a unified channel for all the stock traders to make the most of the opportunities in the stock market.

We support all 22 Indian languages.

MoxVeda has universal compatibility with all technology stacks, CMS platforms, and architectures that are used to build English websites and applications.

Costs for localizing a stock broking app vary based on languages, content complexity, and market research. Do contact our localization team with your current needs. After assessing your digital assets, we’ll provide the best market-based price. Our pricing is SaaS-based, without hefty upfront costs.

It only takes a few weeks to localize a digital asset. Please contact us for more information on the time required to localize your application or website.

MoxVeda maintains complete synchronization concerning the design and content of your digital asset at all times, so no update will affect the localized version of your application or website

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