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We Solve Language Processing Problems For Enterprises by Rakesh Kapoor

Straight from the heart


Organizations, businesses, and institutions generate a lot of information that needs to be distributed to all concerned, in languages that they can understand. This requires translation, not one way but both ways to establish a communication channel. In an organization, there are often numerous information exchange touch-points, as well as information, is created in many formats. Translating all such information efficiently and timely can be a nightmare. Any delay can cause the loss of a business opportunity. We, therefore, found it essential to enable our customers in a 360-degree way to ensure that they become truly multilingual.
While we offer a standard portfolio of products that solve most of the common translation problems, we also offer bespoke solutions and services that can solve the not-so-common problems. For example, an insurance company generates many policy documents for their customers every day. These are auto-generated PDFs created by a core-insurance system. Process9 can integrate the translation capability so that the system can auto-generate a policy in any language the customer desires. Similarly, a bank may want to generate account statements in many languages or a utility company may want to generate monthly bills in local languages.
These are just a few of the use-cases, the list is large and diverse, but, Process9 is equipped to solve all language related problems that our customers face in any part of their operations.