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Today over 23% of our SIP is coming from Indian Language users. Going forward we want to invest more towards SEO & Demand creation to increase this contribution to 40% . Process9’s MoxVeda platform made it affordable, consistent and effortless for us.

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What Do We Offer?

We specialize in integrating with MoxVeda to seamlessly translate your website and app into any Indian language, ensuring your message resonates with audiences nationwide.

We address the complexity of insurance jargon by providing comprehensive information in local languages, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their coverage.

With a focus on tier 2, 3 cities, and beyond, we offer solutions that facilitate quick market entry, ensuring your services are accessible to a broader audience.

Our solutions adhere to IRDAI guidelines and other regulatory standards, providing a balance between time, cost, and quality to meet industry requirements effectively.

The Process9 Advantage​

MoxVeda: Right Partner for Insurance Industry Localization

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Comprehensive Localization

From websites and mobile apps to chatbots and marketing materials, we offer end-to-end localization services tailored to the insurance industry’s needs.

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Advanced Technology Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including the Mox Suite, we provide a no-intervention design compatible with various development stacks and CMSs, ensuring seamless integration without source code changes.

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Streamlined Deployment

Our solutions require minimal technical bandwidth and offer flexible hosting options, allowing for swift multilingual property launches without the headache of extensive management or maintenance.

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Robust Security and Compliance

With a focus on information security compliance, our architecture ensures data integrity while supporting both static and dynamic content translation, guaranteeing a secure and scalable service delivery model.



We offer significant cost savings, approximately 50% in translation expenses, without compromising on quality, providing the fastest route to market for multilingual digital properties.

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Extensive Language Support

With support for all Indian languages and over 80 global languages through machine and manual translation, we ensure your message reaches diverse audiences while maintaining control in your hands.


Process9 offers the following to insurance companies,

  • Website localization
  • Mobile app localization – Android and iOS
  • Buy journey localization
  • Localized chatbots
  • Localized voice bots
  • Localized videos for marketing or agent training
  • Localized CRM for contact centers
  • Localized documents like brochures, application forms, agreements, press releases, etc
  • Localized push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp messages and emails
  • Localized SEO, blogs, keyword optimization

On-page SEO like hreflang tag, metadata, URL structure, etc. is covered by us. We also do translations based on Google search rankings. All our solutions are SEO-compliant.

The Internet is everywhere, making your product accessible through smartphones. Process9’s MOX Gateway can help you design a quick, easy, and pain-free pilot exercise for your product by localizing your website and mobile application. This is ideal for conducting market studies.

MoxWave NLP engine, AI-enabled, continuously trained, scalable team of human reviewers, scalable translation API.

Yes, our solution is fully customizable and scalable as per client requirements.

It depends on the volume of the English content and the list of languages. While we can demonstrate an instant localization of your website, typically our clients can launch multilingual websites in 4-6 weeks.

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