Indian Multiculture

grow your business with moxveda

Expand your reach to all the corners of India by integrating with MoxVeda to seamlessly localize your website to any language. It is the most preferred way of website and app translation for the insurance industry of India.

Especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the importance of insurance has grown exponentially. Insurance, especially for Life and Health, are a key requirement of every Indian citizen today. However, use of complex wordings and lack of information in local language makes the common man afraid of embracing insurance. If all policy benefits, requirements, costs and claim procedures are made available to customers in their own language, it will increase their confidence in the insurance provider and encourage purchases.

Needs of the Industry

  • Deeper market penetration in tier 2,3 cities and beyond
  • Simple solution that is easy to integrate and can enable a quick go-to-market
  • Compatible with marketing campaigns and SEO to increase brand awareness and searchability
  • Near zero manual intervention in deployment and maintenance
  • Adherence to all guidelines and regulations issued by IRDAI and other bodies
  • Optimum balance between time, cost and quality

Solutions Offered by Process9

The Process9 Advantage

  • Market leaders in localization solutions for Insurance industry
  • Unmatched technology solutions for localization and translation
  • Combined experience of 100+ years in the Indian language industry

Mox Suite of Solutions

  • Unique ‘No-intervention’ design; requires no source code or database changes for integration
  • Compatible with all dev stacks, simple CMSs, complex CMSs, web development platforms, data formats
  • Near-zero technical team bandwidth required to go multilingual
  • Robust, safe and secure architecture, compliant with highest degree of infosec compliance requirements
  • Supports translation of both static and dynamic digital content
  • Scalable service delivery model to expand or shrink as per requirement
  • Guaranteed data sync between original and translated properties
  • SEO compliant solution
  • Fastest way to launch your multilingual digital property with the highest quality and security standards
  • Approx 50% saving in translation costs
  • No headache of management, maintenance or monitoring of multilingual properties
  • Supports all Indian languages and over 80 global languages through machine and manual translation
  • Full control in the hands of the website owner
  • Flexible hosting options; choose between end-to-end hosted and managed solution vs an on-premise solution

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