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Think Languages, Think Mox

Process9’s MoxWave and MoxVeda combine together to create the most robust language solution for the Fintech industry, which provides an optimum balance between security, time, quality and cost.

India is the global leader in digital innovation in the banking and financial sector. Our digital banking and digital payment systems are the most robust in the world. The fintech industry is experiencing a phase of strong growth. However, the absence of languages on the digital platform can create a serious roadblock in this journey.

Key Needs of the Industry

  • The localization solution should not compromise data confidentiality
  • The localization solution should meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements
  • The localization solution should be easy to implement and maintain on an ongoing basis, without requiring re-engineering or modification of existing architecture
  • The localization solution should provide high quality and timely results without extensive manual intervention
  • The localization solution should be cost-effective

Solutions Offered by Process9

What Makes the Mox Solutions Unique

  • No effort in management, maintenance and monitoring of the multilingual websites and apps
  • Almost no bandwidth required from your technical team to go multilingual
  • Compatibility with all dev stacks, content management systems, web development platforms and data formats
  • Safe & secure architecture, compliant with stringent infosec requirements
  • The quickest way to make your digital property multilingual
  • Unique no code, no intervention architecture that requires no change in original source code or backend
  • Scalable architecture to make the solution grow or shrink as per your requirement
  • Guaranteed data synchronisation – your English property and multilingual property will never display different information
  • Most time and cost efficient solution for the localization of static and dynamic digital content
  • 30-60% saving in translation costs delivered to clients
  • Compatible with all 22 official Indian languages and over 80 international languages
  • Total control in your hands
    • To switch on or off the system at any time
    • To set terminology and style guide
    • To set which parts to translate and which parts to keep in English
    • To edit the translations at any time

Why Choose Process9

  • Our experience in delivering multilingual solutions to the BFSI industry is unmatched
  • We are the most trusted language localization partner for the financial industry
  • We provide a choice between an end-to-end hosted and managed solution and an on-premise solution

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