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Being a global organization, we understand the importance of being present in multiple languages. For our India business, this need was larger and also trickier because almost every state has their own language, and farmers are largely conversant in regional languages only. With Process9, we found the right balance of tech expertise and language expertise. The technology is great, with a impressively high degree of accuracy. The entire process from start to go-live was quick and smooth. The architecture passed all our stringent data security checks. Continues to be a delight working with Process9 solutions.

Bhanu Pratap Joshi
Marketing & Digital Communications Manager at FMC India

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What Do We Offer?

Our comprehensive translation services cover a wide range of digital assets, including websites, mobile apps, and net banking/mobile banking interfaces. We ensure that your online platforms are accessible and understandable to users in their preferred languages, enhancing user experience and engagement.

From application forms to training guides, agreements, brochures, and welcome letters, we offer precise and culturally appropriate translations for all your important documents. Our expert linguists ensure that the essence and legal integrity of your documents remain intact across languages, facilitating seamless communication with diverse audiences.

In addition to text-based content, we provide solutions for multilingual chatbots and voicebots, enabling real-time interaction with users in their preferred languages. Moreover, our services extend to translating videos, emails, SMS, and other digital communications, ensuring consistent messaging across all communication channels.

The Process9 Difference

MoxVeda: Right Partner for Fintech Localization

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Effortless Management

Seamlessly manage multilingual websites and apps with minimal effort. Our solution requires little technical bandwidth, ensuring a smooth transition to multilingual content. Enjoy complete control to toggle the system and customize terminology effortlessly.

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Compatibility and Security

Our solution is universally compatible and built on a secure architecture, meeting stringent information security requirements. No modification to source code or backend infrastructure is needed, ensuring seamless integration and peace of mind for your data.

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Scalability and Efficiency

Quickly make your digital property multilingual without sacrificing efficiency. Our solution offers significant time and cost savings for localization, supporting over 100 languages. Experience seamless growth or reduction according to your needs, with guaranteed data synchronization across languages.

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Total Control

Customize your multilingual strategy with ease. Set terminology, style guides, and translation preferences according to your brand’s requirements. Maintain consistency and accuracy across languages by choosing which content to translate.


Guaranteed Data Synchronization

Our scalable architecture ensures seamless growth or reduction while guaranteeing data synchronization across languages. Effortlessly edit translations without backend intervention, ensuring your digital properties are always up-to-date and reflect your brand accurately.

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Cost Savings and Localization

Benefit from significant time and cost savings with our efficient localization process, reducing translation expenses by up to 60%. Our solution’s compatibility with various languages ensures broad reach without compromising quality or speed.


Localizing Fintech websites and applications enhances user experience by catering to diverse linguistic and cultural preferences. It builds trust, increases accessibility, and expands market reach, ultimately driving user engagement and fostering global growth.

MoxWave and MoxVeda from Process9 work hand in hand to offer the Fintech industry a comprehensive language solution, striking an ideal balance of security, efficiency, quality, and affordability.

It depends on the volume of the English content and list of languages. While we can demonstrate an instant localization of your website, typically our clients are able to launch multilingual websites in 4-6 weeks.

We have trained our engine specifically on Indian data and domain-specific content. Our accuracy is stronger than any solution available in the market for these domains.

We can provide the HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and SOC-2 on request

Drawing on over 60 years of collective expertise in the language industry, Process9 boasts an unmatched advantage. We’ve utilized this wealth of knowledge to craft precision technology through automation and machine learning, resulting in our bespoke localization platforms tailored to businesses’ distinct requirements. With our robust, adaptable, and scalable solutions, we prioritize security and perpetually enhance quality, distinguishing us within the industry.

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