Website Localization

Launch your multilingual website quickly and smoothly with Process9’s MoxVeda website localization services and cutting-edge tools. MoxVeda is available as both a cloud-based and an on-premise set up and can translate websites effectively. Our breakthrough website translation software is created using best-in-class technologies to significantly reduce the project management burdens for your teams and their dependence on the IT or Development teams. MoxVeda is a user-friendly way of translating websites alongside maintaining them. Process9’s website localization tools offer a number of key features and benefits to support your global ambitions:

No Pain of Coding

Now you can translate your website without the need of a developer with Process9’s one-of-a-kind website translation tool! Website localization services with MoxVeda are completely automated and very simple.
If you are a startup, you can DIY (Do-it-Yourself) the website translation setup and launch your multilingual website in ONE DAY! If you are a large organization, you will get a dedicated team to set up your multilingual website using unique localization software as per your specifications through our Enterprise Plan.

No Pain of Translation

With MoxVeda, you can choose between our specialised high quality neural machine translation MoxWave or Human Translation for your website. The translated website will be delivered to you by MoxVeda itself, eliminating the need to go searching for website translation agencies or stringers.

MoxVeda, our website localization tool, is compatible with all the languages of the world, whether they are Left-to-Right (LTR), Right- to-Left (RTL), or contain any diacritics.

No Pain of Maintenance

MoxVeda ensures that your translated website stays in sync with your English website at all times, whether you update any content or add/ remove pages. Your users will always see the same information on your website with the help of Process9’s dedicated website translation services in India, no matter which language they choose.

Full Control in Your Hands

When you choose MoxVeda’s localization tools to translate your website, the control always remains in your hands. You can choose which pages to translate and which to ignore. You can choose what type of translation shows in each page. And you can even stop your website translation, whenever you like, just at the click of a button.

Compatible with All Platforms and Dev Stacks

The website translation services of MoxVeda are compatible with all major website development platforms, CMS platforms and Dev Stacks.

Whether you have a static website or a dynamic website, MoxVeda’s localization tool can work their magic to translate all your content and elements – whether it is CTA buttons, forms, workflows, API driven content, JSON driven content, or JS driven content.

Best in Class Data Security

With our website translation tool, MoxVeda, you never have to worry about the security of your data. Its design ensures that none of your confidential data ever leaves your secure environment during the website translation process. Moreover, MoxVeda has passed stringent security checks of the Banking and Financial Industry, which ensures complete data security.

Multilingual SEO

Website translation is incomplete without SEO (Search Engine Optimization). MoxVeda understands its critical nature while translating your website and takes care of metadata, page headers, canonical tags, breadcrumbs and much more in your localized websites.

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