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We carefully evaluated many options in the market and finally chose Process9 because MoxVeda was the best solution in the market that met all the items on our wishlist and delivered even more – Ease of use, Security, Speed, and Quality. The project execution was smooth and we were able to go live very quickly. We are satisfied with the solution and look forward to using it in our other business lines as well.

Vijay Shetty,
Head-Small Business Banking

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What Do We Offer?

When your banking services are only available in English, you tend to miss out on the non-English-speaking population. Multilingual banking services enable you to build trust among your native-language customers and provide them with equal access to the best digital banking services. Instill your customers with a great sense of security and confidence through flawless translations of your bank’s digital assets.

Despite the fact that digitization has spread to tier 2 and 3 cities in India, there is a clear language barrier that prevents vernacular users from fully utilizing online banking services. Innovative localization solutions from Process9 can help vernacular users overcome the language barrier they encounter while using digital banking services. By reassuring your clients that ‘their bank speaks their language’, you can strengthen your customer relationships and guarantee complete satisfaction.

When native language users can’t understand a bank’s offerings on English websites or applications, it often makes them less likely to choose that bank. With MoxVeda from Process9, you can create a personalized experience for every customer. Along with the digital assets of the bank, our platform enables you to localize emails, push notifications, and provide chat support in Indian languages. From onboarding to transactions handhold your vernacular customers by communicating with them in Indian languages.

The vernacular customers get a better understanding of banking-related information or service offerings when they are explained in the local language. With multi-lingual chat options, banks can provide better support to customers in need. With end-to-end language localization solutions from Process9, you can provide better attention to your customers’ needs and, in turn, make your customer relationship better.

The Process9 Difference

MoxVeda: Right Partner for Banking Localization

Data Backup

Capacity to Handle High Volumes of Data

Built using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, MoxVeda is a platform that manages large amounts of data. MoxWave can be consumed as an API by integrating the client-side infrastructure and the database.

Data Bin

An API Well Trained in the Financial Domain

Process9’s MoxVeda solution is well-versed in the financial domain. Our team has unrivaled experience in providing multilingual banking localization solutions in all Indian languages.

Pricetag Outline

Reduced Translation Costs

Machine translation is less expensive and has a faster turnaround time than human translation. The translation costs of the content can be reduced by 50% using MoxVeda’s translation memory feature. In terms of design and content, the MoxVeda platform is completely compatible with all technology stacks, CMS platforms, and architectures.

Sync Line

Effective Synchronisation Between English and Other Languages

One of the main features of MoxVeda is its ability to synchronize content and design across English and multilingual pages. This guarantees a unified experience for all online customers of the bank in all Indian languages, irrespective of the complexity of the banking information or transaction.


Cross Functional Utilization

Utilize the MoxWave API to localize various content types seamlessly. Enjoy cost savings by reusing translated content without repetitive payments.

Shield Check

Compliance With All Regulatory and Security Requirements

The MoxVeda platform has an extensive understanding of banking regulatory requirements and security measures. With MoxVeda’s scalable architecture, mobile apps, and websites can be translated without having to re-code or re-develop the original digital asset.


Non-English-speaking customers are likely to bypass your online banking services when your services are only available in English. There is a language barrier that prevents users from fully utilizing online banking services even though digitization has spread to tier 2 and 3 cities in India. Through localization, banks can gain the trust of customers and ensure that they can utilize digital banking services to their advantage.

We support all 22 Indian languages.

MoxVeda has universal compatibility with all technology stacks, CMS platforms, and architectures that are used to build English websites and applications.

Please reach out to the localization team with your current requirements. Once we analyze your digital asset, we will contact you with the best price on the market. Our pricing is SaaS-based, with no heavy upfront investments.

It only takes a few weeks to localize a digital asset. Please contact us for more information on the time required to localize your application or website.

MoxVeda maintains complete synchronization concerning the design and content of your digital asset at all times, so no update will affect the localized version of your application or website

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