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After going live with Process9 solution, our Hindi language user sessions more than doubled in just a month. In the next phase we’re adding new sections and more languages . We are confident that with improved user experience, Indian language user traffic will multiply.

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What Do We Offer?

Process9 specializes in expert localization solutions for the media and entertainment industry. With the rapid growth of online platforms and 4G services, there’s a high demand for localized content. We offer quick, real-time translations for large volumes of daily content.

Using automated language delivery in all Indian languages, our cloud-based engine ensures efficient, domain-specific translations. From news updates to top movie ticket platforms, we deliver contextually accurate translations with local jargon, enhancing audience engagement.

Our real-time translation services streamline content management, ensuring timely updates and seamless integration across platforms. By providing content in users’ preferred languages, companies can boost engagement and loyalty. Our scalable solutions offer cost-effective localization for expanding user bases.

The Process9 Difference

MoxWave & MoxVeda - The Power Duo

Data Backup

Handles High Volume Content

MoxWave is built on the latest artificial intelligence and machine language technologies and is specifically curated for handling large volumes of data.

It can be consumed as an API by integrating with client-end infrastructure and database.

Data Bin

Customizable and trained on e-Commerce domain

The MoxWave API is well-trained in the e-commerce domain and can be customized based on your requirements.

Pricetag Outline

Scalable architecture

MoxVeda has a scalable architecture and is available as a cloud-based as well as an on-premise solution. Using MoxVeda you can reduce your localization cost by 50% and have a faster time to market.

Sync Line

Translation memory for cost optimization

The translation memory of the MoxWave API attributes to optimizing the cost for E-commerce localization to a greater extent.


Cross-functional Utilization

Using this single API, you can localize all forms of content in an e-commerce asset like product names, descriptions, marketing campaigns, websites, landing pages, emails, push notifications, sms, etc.

Shield Check

Data Security

MoxVeda & MoxWave have passed stringent security tests, and come with bank grade security.

Periodic security audits ensure that we continue to remain robust. Data security is a priority.


No Manual Intervention

MoxVeda is designed to be smart and self sufficient. Once it is setup, it requires almost ZERO manual intervention to maintain your localized app or website.

It automatically detects and manages changes in content and design and smartly implements the changes in the language websites.


Synchronization between English & Language

A key design principle of MoxVeda’s designed is synchronization. Hence it is able to give a 100% guarantee for maintaining synchronization of content and design between your English & language pages. Your users will get the same experience of your brand, irrespective of their language.


Penetrating a multilingual market can be daunting. However, it is essential to connect with users in their languages, for which localization is imperative.

Process9 can implement the right combination of tools that best suits your requirements. This includes:

  • Localization of website and mobile applications
  • Quick, real-time translation of dynamic data
  •  Localization of back-end database
  • Implementation of localized text entry and search

Process9 understands your need to stay market-relevant and make changes as and when required. Our solutions require no additional support for frequent changes and all updates to the main content will directly reflect in the localized versions.

We have created cutting-edge language models. Our neural NLP capabilities for translation, transliteration, and text-to-speech are being used by hundreds of satisfied B2B customers. Our language models are the largest data sets of their kind created by any single Indian company. With high-end GPU servers for processing and continued training and enhancements, we’re constantly expanding our capabilities to offer even more advanced solutions.

We just love working at the initial stages of development. Our team will work with you to build your application in line with the best localization practices in the industry, allowing easy transition into any language you may prefer. An app that is built right can be easily scaled to different languages – as easy as a plug-and-play solution.

Mox suite is designed for maximum flexibility. We support the migration of data and implementation into our systems to reduce redundancy and ensure maximum savings. 

Our team will be happy to understand your requirements and suggest the best solution.

We have been working with all major industries and our in-house team is well-versed and trained. Depending on client requirements, we align our resources.

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