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AI-powered Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text Technologies for Automated Voice Translation

What Is MoxVoice?

MoxVoice — an innovative suite of AI-driven text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies by Process9, tailored to your needs. Elevate user engagement by integrating multilingual voice support into your digital assets, such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

With customizable language-specific models, MoxVoice ensures impeccable audio and text quality, enhancing accessibility and user experience. Empower your website with natural, human-like voices, offering users the option to listen to content in their preferred language effortlessly.

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The speech recognition engine, with in font of MoxVoice API, is proficient in Indian accents and dialects, facilitating seamless communication


Offer voices with unique human-like intonation, enhancing user experience and comprehension


Trained across various sectors such as e-commerce, finance, banking, and more, ensuring accurate outputs on industry-specific terminologies


Tailored voices to reflect your brand identity, creating a personalized experience for your audience

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System Architecture

MoxVoice — the API driven by AI technologies, provides swift, precise transcripts for video and audio files, irrespective of language, dialect, or accent. The API includes built-in voices and offers a speech endpoint based on an automated speech model. Additionally, it possesses the capability to transcribe and translate audio into preferred languages. For speech-to-text (STT), the transcriptions API requires the audio file for transcription along with the desired output file format. Conversely, for text-to-speech (TTS), the endpoint accepts the input text for audio generation along with the specified voice. Supported input file types by MoxVoice include mp3, mp4, mpeg, m4a, wav, and webm and allow customization based on locale and audience preferences.
With machine learning technology, MoxVoice can be integrated into chatbots for a personalized language experience.

Prominent Advantages of MoxVoice

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Easily experiment with your speech and text using our intuitive user interface

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Explore different configurations to enhance quality and accuracy

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Develop voice-enabled applications catering to global audiences, leveraging AI-powered speech models

Sync Line

Utilize text-to-speech technology with support for multiple languages on websites


Implement in-search voice buttons using speech-to-text technology

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Translate large volumes of data while enabling subtitle functionality

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Impress your audience with professionally narrated content recorded in studio-quality settings

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Create a custom voice model using your organization’s audio recordings for a unique and natural voice

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Customize your speech by incorporating pauses, numbers, date and time formatting, and other pronunciation instructions

Explore MoxVoice Live: Real-World Applications

Step into the dynamic world of MoxVoice with our live demonstrations, showcasing its real-world applications. Experience the digital localization revolution with our platform and efficiently enhance your global business strategies. Witness it firsthand!


“Being a global organization, we understand the importance of being present in multiple languages. With Process9, we found the right balance of tech expertise and language expertise. With our apps, websites and marcom collateral converted to 9 Indian languages through tools offered by Process9 – MoxWave and MoxVeda, we are seeing a steady growth in our app downloads as well as a healthy rise in consumer engagement. The technology is great, with an impressively high degree of accuracy. The entire process from start to go-live was quick and smooth. The architecture passed all our stringent data security checks. Continues to be a delight working with Process9 solutions.”

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