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A Combination of CAT, PMT and CMS for Transforming Document Translation

What Is MoxWords?

MoxWords – Your ultimate document translation partner! Our advanced AI- based platform is tailor-made to simplify your translation workflow and supercharge cross-language communication. With intuitive features and a interface, MoxWords removes the complexities of translation, letting you concentrate on your content’s essence.

The AI-based platform integrates the capabilities of a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool, Project Management Tool, and Content Management System. This unified workflow is your all-in-one solution to accomplish diverse tasks effortlessly.

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Delivers top-tier translations of high quality


Utilizes translation memory to store and recall previous translations, facilitating their reuse in future projects


Suited for diverse departments within an enterprise organization


Capable of conducting specific terminology checks and spell checks in both Indian and international languages


Offers the flexibility to select the type of translation desired, with automatic word count calculation based on completed work


Centralizes storage and management of all translation data, ensuring easy accessibility and organization

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System Architecture

MoxWords revolutionizes translation with advanced features tailored for over 80+ languages. Its streamlined workflows and specific user roles simplify project management. Supporting diverse file formats, from MS Office to complex types like JSON and XML, MoxWords preserves original formatting effortlessly. Whether for large organizations, Language Service Providers (LSPs), or individual translators, MoxWords streamlines operations, reduces redundancy and enhances efficiency. Seamlessly managing large projects, saves time and resources while delivering impeccable results. Step into the future of translation with MoxWords for unparalleled ease and effectiveness.

Prominent Advantages of MoxWords

Data Backup

Experience effortless translation. Upload your document, choose the language, and download the translated version

Data Bin

Offers broad support, covering 80+ languages and 12+ file formats, ensuring compatibility for documents like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

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Receive automated email alerts throughout the translation process, from document upload confirmation to translation completion, eliminating manual follow-ups

Sync Line

Enjoy the flexibility to choose between machine translation or human translation, catering to specific needs for speed or nuanced quality


Effortless editing within translated documents via a user-friendly interface ensures accuracy and consistency with your preferences

Shield Check

Save time and costs with MoxWords’ translation memory feature, storing previous translations for efficient reuse in future projects

Data Backup

Achieve brand consistency in translations by customizing terminology to align with your organization’s branding guidelines for accuracy

Data Bin

MoxWords utilizes MoxWave, an evolving neural translation engine, incorporating user feedback to continually enhance translation accuracy

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Deliver top-notch translations to drive revenue growth and maximize profits for your business

Explore MoxWords Live: Real-World Applications

Step into the dynamic world of MoxWords with our live demonstrations, showcasing its real-world applications. Experience the digital localization revolution with our platform and enhance your global business strategies efficiently. Witness it firsthand!


“Being a global organization, we understand the importance of being present in multiple languages. With Process9, we found the right balance of tech expertise and language expertise. With our apps, websites and marcom collateral converted to 9 Indian languages through tools offered by Process9 – MoxWave and MoxVeda, we are seeing a steady growth in our app downloads as well as a healthy rise in consumer engagement. The technology is great, with an impressively high degree of accuracy. The entire process from start to go-live was quick and smooth. The architecture passed all our stringent data security checks. Continues to be a delight working with Process9 solutions.”

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Startup India Initiative has been using Process 9 translation services in 22 Indian and 19 foreign languages for about 5 years. Would like to appreciate the AI-based translation solution which has enabled us to meet the high-volume publication of content in a low turnaround time and with good accuracy. Overall, the methodology has allowed us to maintain almost off-hands approach to translation with minimum manual intervention. It’s comforting to work with the home-grown Indian enterprise with good technical, process and translation solution. Please keep up the best of services!!


We carefully evaluated many options in the market and finally chose Process9 because MoxVeda was the best solution in the market that met all the items on our wishlist and delivered even more – Ease of Use, Security, Speed and Quality. The project execution was very smooth and we were able to go-live very quickly. We’re very satisfied with the solution and look forward to using it in our other business lines as well.


Localization is the need of the hour and we needed a solution that would give us freedom and flexibility without any pains. After evaluating many options, we found the best fit with Process9. Their automated MoxVeda platform made website translation very easy and smooth for us. With next to no effort, we have added languages on our app and website, and everything is looking great. We have saved time, effort and money.

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After going live with Process 9 solution, our Hindi language user sessions more than doubled in just a month. In the next phase we’re adding new sections and more languages . We are confident that with improved user experience, Indian language user traffic will multiply.


“Process Nine has been excellent in terms of service delivery and support, and helping us launch our localized products. After using their comprehensive language solutions and services and impeccable quality assurance techniques, we are now looking forward to maximize our reach across India through localization.”


Process Nine Technologies have successfully delivered the requirements of Language Localization for our Website and App by delivering software that matches our vision and complying with the agreed-upon timeline, budget, and specifications. Professional and well-coordinated, the team provides insightful guidance and helps to develop and execute ideas. The Translation quality is excellent and post-implementation support is satisfactory!


“Just having satisfied customers isn’t enough anymore. Creating customer delight is. We wanted to reach out to our ever growing partner network in their own language to be able to connect with them at a deeper level. Process9’s MoxVeda technology enabled us to achieve that with minimal effort from our team.”


“Today over 23% of our SIP is coming from Indian Language users. Going forward we want to invest more towards SEO & Demand creation to increase this contribution to 40% . Process9’s MoxVeda platform made it affordable, consistent and effortless for us. ”

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We know that Process9 is the only company we have come across with a localization technology capable of meeting localization needs consisting of a complex web of JS, JSON, HTML as well as address SEO & continuous changes on our website. This has been achieved with minimal changes to our code.

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Together, let’s craft your localization strategy