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No need to revamp your website to make it multilingual! by Rakesh Kapoor

Straight from the heart chapter 5


I often hear from my customers and prospects that they plan to add languages to their website after undergoing a complete website revamp and will probably upgrade to a new CMS. However, I always remind them that adding languages to their website, portal, or mobile app does not require a change of their CMS (Content Management System) or revamp of their website. With MoxVeda platform, your website, can be converted into a multilingual website without any need for rewriting anything, revamping, changing source code or for that matter changing anything on their website, IT infrastructure or network.

MoxVeda is an externally integrated software that works like a gateway. When your web pages and content pass through this gateway, they can be seamlessly translated into any language of your choice. Using MoxVeda does not require you to make any changes to your English website or even add any software to your web server. Our team at Process9 can manage the delivery of your website, portal, pre, and post-login pages, and mobile apps in any language you want, without altering your website’s source code or the servers it is hosted on. In short, MoxVeda is a hassle-free solution for adding multiple languages to your website without requiring a website revamp or changing your CMS.