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Commonly Used English to Marathi Phrases

Hello / Hi / Greetings

नमस्कार (namaskar)

How are you?

तुम्ही कसे आहात? (tumhi kase aahat?)

Thank you

धन्यवाद (dhanyawad)


क्षमा करा (kshama kara)

I love you

माझे तुझ्यावर प्रेम आहे (majhe tujhyavar prem aahe)


बाय (bye)

See you later

पुन्हा भेटू (punha bhetu)

Take care

काळजी घ्या (kalaji ghya)

It was a pleasure to meet you

तुम्हाला भेटून आनंद झाला (tumhala bhetun anand jhala)

 This is good

हे छान आहे (hey chhan aahe)

This is bad

हे खराब आहे (hey kharab aahe)

What is your name?

तुमचे नाव काय आहे? (tumche naav kay aahe?)

My name is (name)

माझे नाव (name) आहे (majhe naav (name) aahe)

Please help me

कृपया माझी मदत करा (Krupaya majhi madat kara)

I need drinking water

मला पिण्याचे पाणी पाहिजे (mala pinyache paani pahije)

I need food

मला खायला पाहिजे (mala khayala pahije)

I need a restaurant

मला रेस्टॉरंट पाहिजे (mala restaurant pahije)

I need a restroom / toilet

मला टॉयलेट वापरायचे आहे (mala toilet vaaprayche aahe)

I need a doctor

मला डॉक्टरांची गरज आहे (mala doctoranchi garaj aahe)


रुग्णालय (Rugnalay)

How much does this cost?

हे कितीला आहे? (hey kitila aahe)

Is this vegetarian?

हे शाकाहारी आहे ना? (hey shakahari aahe na?)

I do not know Marathi

मला मराठी येत नाही (mala marathi yet nahi)

Do you know English?

तुम्हाला इंग्रजी येते? (tumhala engraji yete?)

I want to go to (place)

मला (place)ला जायचे आहे (mala (place)la jayache aahe)

Go straight

सरळ जा (Saral ja)

Turn Right

उजवीकडे वळा (Ujavikade vala)

Turn Left

डावीकडे वळा (daavikade vala)

Take a u-turn

यू-टर्न घ्या (U-turn ghya)

Go back

मागे जा (maage ja)

New Year Messages

गतवर्षीच्या फुलाच्या पाकळ्या वेचून घे,

भिजलेली आसवे झेलून घे,

सुख-दु:ख झोळीत साठवून घे,

आता उधळ हे सारे आकाशी,

नववर्षाचा आनंद भरभरुन घे!


हे नातं सदैव असंच राहो

मनात आठवणींचे दिवे कायम राहो

खूप संस्मरणीय होता 2022 चा प्रवास,

अशीच राहो 2023 मध्ये आपली साथ

नवीन वर्षाच्या हार्दिक सदिच्छा!


पुन्हा एक नवीन वर्ष, पुन्हा एक नवी आशा,

तुमच्या कर्तॄत्वाला पुन्हा एक नवी दिशा,

नवी स्वप्ने, नवी क्षितिजे, सोबत आमच्या नव्या शुभेच्छा !


नवीन वर्ष आपणांस सुखाचे, समाधानाचे,

ऐश्वर्याचे, आनंदाचे, आरोग्याचे जावो…!

येत्या नवीन वर्षात आपले जीवन आनंदमय आणि सुखमय होवो,

हीच ईश्वरचरणी प्रार्थना. नववर्षाभिनंदन ! 

येवो समृद्धी अंगणी,

वाढो आनंद जीवनी,

नव वर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा,

नव वर्षाच्या या शुभदिनी…!


नवीन वर्ष सुखाचे,

आनंदाचे आणि समृद्धीचे जावो.

नववर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!


नवे वर्ष, नवी दिशा

नवी स्वप्ने, नवी क्षितिजे,

नव्या योजना, नवे संकल्प,

नववर्षाच्या हार्दिक सदिच्छा!


गेलं ते वर्ष 

गेला तो काळ

नवीन आशा अपेक्षा 

घेवून आले 2023 साल

नववर्षाच्या हार्दिक सदिच्छा!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this English to Marathi Translation tool

The Marathi translation is being done by Process9's MoxWave tool. It is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. For Marathi language, it provides the best machine translation output.

There is no charges to use this Marathi translation service. But there is a word limit for this free service. At a time you can get upto 100 words translated into Marathi. If you have a large content to be translated into Marathi, then you can use the paid service of MoxWave. For more details please contact us.

Yes, you can use MoxWave for translating large files and documents in Marathi language. For this, you have to first sign up the Document Translation Service (DTS) of Process9. Then only you can get your work done. Large documents in various formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, CSV etc. can be translated easily using our AI & ML technologies. Thirteen Indian languages get instant support from MoxWave. You can get your large files completely translated in the desired language immediately without any hassle.

No, you cannot download this tool for offline use.

For translating large volumes of data in Marathi, you can subscribe to this API. You can translate your large content immediately and get high quality translation easily. Kindly contact us for more information.

This is a machine translation, so there may be some mistakes in these translations. But we are continuously trying to enhance the quality of MoxWave Marathi translation. However, you can definitely get a fair idea about the content of the matter. After small modifications you can make the text fully accurate.
If you are a professional translator, then your efforts can be reduced to a large extent with the help of MoxWave. In this way you can save your precious time and use it in a more productive way.

Yes, MoxWave can provide you 100% accurate Marathi translation as this is integrated with a Human Translation element. You can get manually verified high quality translations from MoxWave for your various projects. For more details, please contact us.

Yes, Marathi typing option is available in MoxWave. If you want to type your message in Marathi, just type Marathi in English in the left side box, choose 'Transliterate' option in the above radio button, and then press the button in the center to convert your English message into Marathi. Your message will appear in Marathi script in the box on the right. Now you can copy and use this Marathi text anywhere like Google or Bing searches, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email etc.

About MoxWave

You can translate as well as transliterate text from English to Marathi here. MoxWave can be used to translate text, documents like MS Word files, Notepad files, Excel files, Powerpoint files, XML files, Strings files and much more.

You can also translate your website and app through MoxWave. MoxWave’s translation service is also available in Voice, which means you can convert Text to Speech, Speech to Text and also perform Speech to Speech translation. To try out the Indian Language Voice Services of MoxWave, click here.

MoxWave is built upon complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies that are also context sensitive. This means that we have different APIs for different domains like eCommerce and Finance. MoxWave is also customizable. So, if you want to perform any special training or settings implemented for your usage, MoxWave can accommodate that.

An example of this can be that you are an eCommerce store selling clothes and you want to make sure that all the brands listed on your website are always kept in English and never converted to Marathi. This can be setup within MoxWave so that every automated translation you receive will always have the brand name kept in English and the remaining sentence will be translated!

MoxWave’s high accuracy and periodic learning cycles ensure that the translations you receive are high quality and always improving with time. You can use them directly or you can also make minor edits to make them more suitable for your needs. Using MoxWave ensures at least 50% reduction in your time and cost in any translation project. This benefit can also go up to 80% in some cases, since machine translation only costs a fraction of human translation and gives you translations almost instantly.