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The best alternatives for DeepL translate

Best DeepL alternatives


DeepL is a prominent choice for businesses when it comes to translation. With its state-of-the-art, neural machine translation technology and deep learning techniques, DeepL creates high-quality translations. This translator supports 31 languages and has a user-friendly interface with a number of sophisticated features. The DeepLPro translator can be integrated as an API into business applications, and it also supports document translation. Today’s market has a plethora of machine translators that produce sophisticated translations in all languages. Many translators guarantee improved workflow control for different types of content, aid in completing projects more quickly, manage projects with improved team collaboration, and possess a strong translation memory.

Here is the list of Best DeepL Alternatives for you:-

Google Translate

Google translate

Google offers both free and paid online translation services. Google’s free online translation service is Google Translate. The company offers a paid translation service as part of the Google Cloud Platform suite. It is called the Google Cloud Translation Platform.  Google Translate supports 133 languages. The accuracy of Google Translate ranges between 55% and 94%. While the translation accuracy of colloquial phrases is about 72%, the business website translation shows an accuracy of 94%. The Google translation API provides dynamic results with a variety of customization features and supports over 135 languages. The Google Translation API supports content formats like text, HTML, Docx, pdf, and xlsx. Some of the latest advancements in Google Translate include voice inputs, contextual translations, and the ability to translate complex images while blending the translated text into them.

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MoxWave Translator

Process Nine’s MoxWave neural machine translation system is a complete solution that can deliver high-quality translation results without jeopardizing your data security.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, this translator produces excellent translations in any language of your choice. It can be used as a translation API integrated with your client-side infrastructure, or it can be used to translate individual files through our custom-designed portal. MoxWave’s centralized integration improves workforce optimization in a multi-departmental environment.  All data in the source document is marked and triggered for translation once it has been integrated, so there is no need to manually extract data or ingest the translated files back into the system. The incremental strings are updated without any manual intervention during the translation of a website or mobile application, maintaining the sync in all languages. The translation’s efficiency and turnaround time are very quick thanks to the translation memory’s management of duplicates and the lack of any manual intervention. You can predetermine the level of translation required and the turnaround time for translation using MoxWave based on urgency. The text that needs to be transliterated and translated into particular formats can be defined by the users.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft translator

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual cloud-based machine translation service. With this translator, you can build applications, websites, or any other solution that requires multilingual support. It supports 103 languages. Additionally, it can be incorporated as an API, enabling automatic machine translation in any application or service. The free version of the translator supports 50,000 characters per translation request. Microsoft Translator can be used for personal as well as business purposes. This translator can be used for personal purposes such as translating street signs, menus, and so on. The paid version of this translator has many advanced features. Microsoft Translator’s try and compare function is used to try and compare complex terms and sentences. This translator can be accessed in offline mode as well.  According to Microsoft, machine translations have an accuracy of 80 to 90% for common language pairs. This translator supports text, speech, and image translations across multiple devices, and customizable translation models can be created for specific industries and domains.


Yandex Translate

Yandex Translator provides high-quality translations in 98 languages. It is powered by the same-named Russian search engine. This translator is available in the form of customer-facing applications and APIs. It provides excellent translations in Russian language pairs. Yandex has a user-friendly interface, and it supports operating systems like MacOS, Android, and iOS. This translation technology supports even rare languages such as Hill Mari, and Elvish (a fictional language). In 2017, Yandex launched a hybrid translation model, incorporating both statistical and neural machine translation needs. Yandex offers a customized glossary to ensure accuracy and enhance translation quality. This translator is widely used in industries like e-commerce, social and communications applications, and media. With this translator, you can reduce the manual translation effort by a higher percentage.



Unbabel is a paid translation service that combines artificial intelligence with human translation efforts. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, you can create high-quality translations at reduced costs and dynamic and customized translation workflows that can help you achieve your business goals.  The translation process of Unbabel includes machine translation followed by human post-editing, quality assurance, and a feedback loop. Unbabel provides an API that businesses can integrate with their applications, websites, and other systems. The machine translation algorithms of Unbabel learn from the continuous process of translation and improve the accuracy of the outputs. The Unbabel translator currently supports 30 languages, and the majority of the translations are either to or from English, with some exceptions.

IBM Watson Language Translator

IBM Watson Language translator

This translator is a service provided by IBM Watson’s AI-powered tools. Using NLP technology, it translates texts between a variety of languages. This translator’s API integration capabilities enable translation in digital properties such as websites, mobile applications, and so on.  It produces high-quality, fluent, and contextually accurate translations using neural machine translation technology, which can be customized to meet the needs of the business. It detects the source language automatically and enables multilingual support in business applications. This translator supports 68 languages with language identification and 12 document types in document translation.