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The power of video translation: Why should you translate videos?

Why should you translate your videos


In today’s digital era, videos have become a powerful tool for education, communication, and entertainment. The digital landscape is also broadening its reach beyond language barriers. As a result, if you want your videos to significantly impact your audience, they must be in multiple languages. Here’s where video translation comes into play. Video translation allows you to translate your videos into multiple languages while providing numerous benefits. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of video translation and why companies should use it.

Introduction to video translation

Video translation is the process of converting a video’s content from one language to another. The main steps of video translation are:

  • Transcription of the original audio
  • Translation of content into target language.
  • Adding subtitles, voiceovers, and dubbing

The primary goal of video translation is to increase the accessibility and reach of videos by making them available to the audience in the language of their choice.

Expanding your global audience

Even though the internet has connected people across the globe, linguistic barriers still limit who can understand your content. With video translation, you can make sure that your video content reaches those audiences who were previously inaccessible. Translating your videos can significantly increase your viewer base and help you tap into new markets.

Key benefits of Video translation

Increased Reach

Video translation makes your videos accessible to a broader audience. Mr. Beast is a well-known YouTuber who captivates his audience with fast-paced, high-production videos that include elaborate challenges and big giveaways. By making his videos available in multiple languages, he could connect with millions of new viewers who preferred to view his content in a language of their choice. In short, as the number of vernacular internet users grows, video translation can open up new opportunities for your business.

Enhanced Accessibility

 Video translation enhances the accessibility of your content. Subtitles and translated audio would make your content accessible to non-native speakers, people with hearing impairments, and also to those who prefer to read your content instead of listening. Duolingo is one of the world’s popular language-learning apps that is available in multiple languages, including Hindi. Making their services available in multiple languages has helped them cater to a broader variety of demographics.

Boosts Engagement

 When video content is available for a viewer in a language of their choice, they are more likely to engage with it.  They even intend to share it with others in their circle who prefer to watch video content in a language of their choice, and this will help in increasing the visibility and popularity of your videos. For example, one of the key factors that helped in making TEDTalks a great success is its availability in multiple languages. Making the TEDTalks videos multilingual has definitely contributed to their wide-reaching impact.

SEO advantages

A key component of improving your content’s visibility on digital platforms is search engine optimization. By translating your video’s content, you can make sure that it shows up in search results in several languages. Furthermore, search engines may index the translated subtitles, which will naturally increase the number of people who can find your videos.  Similarly translated titles, tags, and descriptions can improve your search rankings making it easier for non-native speakers to find your content. Additionally, having multilingual video content can help you get backlinks from other websites, which will improve your site’s domain authority and search engine optimization in general.

Cultural Sensitivity

When a video is translated into multiple languages, it is important to take the cultural nuances into account so that the content becomes properly adapted for its target audience. By translating videos into the native language of your viewer, you showcase cultural sensitivity and respect. By acknowledging the diverse backgrounds of your audience, you can connect with them better. Once you build a strong connection with your audience, you can be rest assured of a loyal brand following.

Competitive Edge

Today’s digital landscape is quite competitive and standing out among them is imperative. With multilingual content, you can achieve this objective. Many individual video content creators on the internet now provide content and subtitles for their videos in multiple languages. This allows them to expand their audience beyond the current market while also gaining a competitive edge over other content creators in the same genre.

Cost Effectiveness

Video translation, which previously required several resources like a voice actor, recording studio, pricey equipment, etc., is now a cost-effective endeavor thanks to the most recent AI-based technologies. The potential benefits of making your video content available in multiple languages outweigh the investment made in doing so. The latest video translation technologies have also made the entire process more affordable and efficient.

Transform your video content with MoxVoice technology

MoxVoice from Process Nine is an AI-powered Text-to-Speech and Speech-To-Text technology that can transform your video content into multiple languages making it accessible and relatable to the vernacular viewers. This technology allows you to translate videos quickly and without incurring the costs associated with creating multilingual videos the traditional way. MoxVoice supports all common file formats including mp4, mp3, mpeg, m4a, wav, and webm. It offers quick and accurate transcripts for audio and video files. MoxVoice delivers translations with impeccable audio and text quality and offers voices with human-like intonations.


In today’s competitive digital market, video translation has proven to be an effective and cost-efficient way to maximize the reach as well as impact of your content. Video translation enables you to break linguistic barriers, and fosters inclusivity and understanding among diverse audiences. Along with broadening your audience base, it also enriches your viewer’s experience making your content more impactful and relatable. To sum up, video translation is the most effective strategy for success in the digital sphere, regardless of your background as an individual content creator like Mr. Beast, a language learning platform like Duolingo, or a company looking to expand its customer base.

Are you prepared to use video translation to reach new audiences and interact with them more effectively? Contact us today!