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Who would benefit from Machine Translation?

Straight from the heart chapter 19


MT should be seen as an invaluable tool to assist translators to become more efficient and productive. Companies will use MT for reducing the cost of translation, make translated content available faster for publishing, and improve the quality of translation by introducing automated QA methods. Except in some specific cases, it should not be seen as a technology eliminating or replacing humans.
All large content creators in any industry domain, be it financial services, insurance, healthcare, entertainment, eCommerce, travel and hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, consumer goods, education, science and technology or others, can hugely benefit from the use of MT in their business.
Adopting MT will help companies reach out to more customers across different geographies in a shorter time and reduce costs. MT can be used both for text and voice applications, allowing you to publish information in multiple languages. Moreover, it facilitates seamless customer onboarding, support services, and real-time communication in your customers’ native languages. Language builds understanding and trust; resulting in increased customer loyalty towards your brand.
MT enables you to communicate with all stakeholders, both internal and external. Whether it involves your global vendors, shop-floor blue collar workers, field force personnel, business partners, potential customers or even the existing consumers spread across different geographies. MT gives you the ability to communicate with them in real-time, as if you were proficient in their native tongue.