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What can you do with MoxWords? (A futuristic tool to translate documents By Rakesh Kapoor)

Straight from the heart chapter 12


We, at Process9, develop tools and technologies to meet the translation needs of our corporate and institutional customers, as well as LSPs. LSPs are a primary focus in the translation and multilingual communication business as they are the experts who understand their customers’ needs and use our tools and workflows to fulfill those needs.
MoxWords is a cutting-edge translation management system that specializes in document translation. MoxWords can translate a document or just any piece of text from one language to another while preserving the original formatting, color scheme, and styling. This means that you input a well-formatted document and receive an equally well-formatted document in return. MoxWords supports a variety of files, including but not limited to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, HTML, XML, PDF, CSV, and Json.
MoxWords efficiently extracts translatable content from a document, translates it, and reconstructs the document in its original format, keeping pictures, tables, graphs, logos, and styles intact. This streamlines the translation process, freeing up valuable time for the translator to solely focus on producing high-quality translated content, without worrying about other aspects of the document.