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What is MoxWords? By Rakesh Kapoor

Straight from the heart chapter 11


A Translation Management System
An ideal translation workbench for LSPs

Translation projects in India and worldwide primarily involve document translation from one language to another. Other use cases include website and mobile app localization, database translation, plain text, video/audio content, interpretation, and email translation. An efficient translation management solution must cater to all these needs and produce the desired results.

MoxWords is a modern Translation Management System (TMS), which can also be referred to as a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool. A CAT tool is a legacy term that has been in use for years and refers to software that automates certain translation workflow steps. The Translation Management System, on the other hand, is a comprehensive translation business ecosystem for Language Service Providers (LSPs) to manage all aspects of their translation operations.

In fact, MoxWords goes one step further by integrating AI/ML technologies in the translation process to fast-pace the delivery, improve quality, and customize the content as per customer requirements. It also accomplishes tasks that were challenging for businesses to achieve using previously available tools and technologies.

In this series of posts, I will delve deeper into MoxWords to provide potential users with a comprehensive understanding of the product and strategies to grow their businesses, enhance efficiency, optimize resources, and reduce the time and cost of delivering high-quality translations to customers.