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TMS with unparalleled Indian languages support By Rakesh Kapoor

Straight from the heart chapter 16


The translation needs of Indian languages are more complex than English and other European languages. For example, you could translate a document into traditional Hindi using a purer form of the language or you could translate it into modern or colloquial Hindi, with a lot more English words as used in everyday spoken language. India also has languages like Hinglish, which is Hindi written in English script (mujhe ma chahiye) which is popular in social media. The same diversity exists in other Indian languages like Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, and others.

Spell checking such as language diversity, bringing standardization, and identifying a terminology with wider acceptance is a nightmare, is subjective, and hence always open for discussion.

MoxWords, therefore, supports both translation and transliteration options, supports traditional and modern translation options in many languages, and performs quality checks such as spelling, terminology, and standardization. This is probably the only TMS in the world that offers Hinglish as a language option.

MoxWords supports translation in all 22 constitutionally recognized languages of India- another first. In addition, it supports over 80 major and minor languages from across the world, ensuring that users of MoxWords will never need another solution irrespective of which language pair they need to translate.