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Process 9 is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to aid language localization. We are driven to create highly scalable technologies that are cost-effective and user friendly without compromising on quality.

MOX Gateway

Speak the language of India

MOX Gateway is a revolutionary way of localizing a website, mobile site or mobile app to many Asian & Indian languages. It is one of the best language translation software available for websites & mobile apps.

Go Live in Multiple Languages (Languages)

– Hindi
– Punjabi
– Bengali
– Marathi
– Gujarati
– Tamil
– Telugu
– Malayalam
– Kannada

A Single Click Solution to Unlimited Translations (Features)

(1) Quickest Translation Delivery:

Like a website translator plugin, it dynamically delivers translated content in the desired language of a user.

(2) Fully Automated in all Languages:

Automated responses with no dependence on offline methods of data transfer.

(3) Unlimited Storage/Bandwidth:

The software can be hosted on multiple servers to be used by unlimited users.

(4) Non-Invasive:

No need to change the source code, or make any changes to your back-end database

(5) Zero change in Server Side Code:

The original server code remains unchanged, with no modifications in server side settings.

(6) Zero change in UI/UX:

Gateway handles only the text resources. UI/UX of the website/app remains almost unaffected.

MOX GATEWAY for Website Localization

MOX gateway is the best in class website localization software. It’s the easiest and quickest way to translate an existing website or mobile site into regional languages without the need for changes in back-end source code, databases, or static content. Independent of the platform, the entire process is non-invasive and requires no change in the website.

(1) Dynamic or Transactional Site:

Gateway localizes large volumes of content in real time for Ecommerce, Classifieds & Application software driven sites. Content updated on the original English site is translated in real time and reflected within seconds.

(2) Static Website:

Automated translation available for static sites which have fixed HTML content.

MOX GATEWAY for Mobile App Localization

Mobile App language translator software – Easiest and quickest way to translate an app to desired languages without the need for changes in back-end source code, databases, or static content.

(1) Dynamic or Transactional App:

Transactional apps with dynamically displayed content coming from a web server such as e-Commerce, listing, application software driven apps.

(2) Static App:

Our translation software localizes static apps with no server side content. The hard coded content and app resources can be translated through Gateway.

Go Global. Its Platform Independent! (Supported Platforms)

MOX Gateway is platform agnostic translation software that supports all the major website design and development platforms. It works as a website multilingual plugin and entire localization process is independent of the platform on which the client’s website or mobile app runs.

The Gateway supports the following majorly used platforms
– Java
– Dot Net
– Linux
– Windows

The Best-in-Class Technology (Benefits)

(1) Quick & Easy Localization:

Rolls-out the localized property in a matter of days!

(2) Changes in Web CMS do not impact localization:

The changes made in the web CMS do not affect the localization. The Gateway localizes all content, (including dynamic content) dynamically.

(3) Delivery in desired quality:

The integration of MOX Gateway and MOX Wave results in highly accurate localized data.

(4) Optimized response time:

Delivers automated translation in seconds with high accuracy.

(5) Integration with MOX Wave:

MOX Gateway communicates directly with the MOX Wave service for the localization of dynamic data.

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