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5Paisa Capital Limited Chose P9’S Moxveda For Website & Mobile App Localization


5Paisa Capital Limited

Website & Mobile App Localization

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About 5Paisa is a leading online stockbroker offering discount brokerage services to retail investors in India. 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly-traded and professionally managed company promoted by IIFL founders. As of March 2021, it has over 1.2 million clients.

The Need

  1. Quick launch without any major changes to their source code or databases.
  2. Zerol effort maintenance model.
  3. A mix of high quality machine translation and human translation to achieve optimum balance between cost and user experience.

The Answer

Process9’s MoxVeda is very easy and quick to integrate and the machine translated website was ready for launch in a matter of days.

Moreover, its high security design ensured all sensitive information of 5paisa was safe and secure at all times, without impacting any feature or functionality of their website.

Impact & Future Outlook

5paisa’s official website and Android app is now available in 7 languages powered by MoxVeda. They are experiencing very strong traction for languages and will be deepening the integration with MoxVeda to expand their reach further in Digital Bharat.

“Localization is the need of the hour and we needed a solution that would give us freedom and flexibility without any pains.

After evaluating many options, we found the best fit with Process9. Their automated MoxVeda platform made website translation very easy and smooth for us.

With next to no effort, we have added languages on our app and website, and everything is looking great. We have saved time, effort and money.”

Prakarsh Gagdani

Founder and CEO at 5paisa

About 100+ customers are satisfied with MoxVeda


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Supports major development platforms and coding languages used to create websites and apps, offering flexibility and adaptability.

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