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Importance Of Inculcating Local Subtleties

Importance Of Inculcating Local Subtleties


Enormous brands are realizing the importance of inculcating local and regional subtleties in their apps, branding, marketing campaigns, advertising.

For example, last October, in a video that turned into a web sensation on the internet, a customer at a KFC store in Bengaluru was seen requesting a representative to play Kannada tunes rather than English ones at the store. Soon after, the outlet representative refused to play the regional music saying, “Karnataka is in India, and there is no need for a visa to be here, correct? Hindi is the national language.” This prompted the #RejectKFC hashtag trending on microblogging platform Twitter, followed by a demonstration outside the store.

Recently, Zomato too faced significant backlash on social media over a customer executive asking a user from Chennai to learn Hindi and referred to it as our “national language” when the customer called to gripe about a missing item in the order. Soon after, the #RejectZomato began trending on the internet. 

A spokesperson for Zomato tried to clarify the situation by stating that the food delivery chain has been integrating local and regional forms of communication, advertising, and marketing for the past few years. Independently, Zomato also announced its plan of building a Tamil adaptation of its app. It had effectively localized its communication strategy for marketing too in the state. Likewise, the food aggregator said it was constructing a Tamil support center in Coimbatore.

Other ongoing instances of brands that have come in for tremendous criticism and faced ire from social media users have undoubtedly become a lesson to learn from. So, while digitization has allowed businesses to expand and reach newer locations, it has also brought forward the need to go local. To appeal to the Indian audience, it shall soon become inevitable for a business to become truly multilingual.

And this calls for the best localization experts and localization consultancies that would help enterprises become truly multilingual to keep the customers delighted.

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