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Realize Your Business’s True Potential Through Localization

grow business with the help of localization


The Digital India campaign, first launched in 2015, aimed to digitize several day-to-day transactions, thus bringing about a new age in the nation’s financial sector. This brought about a new set of challenges, created by an incomplete understanding of the internet made further difficult by language barriers. 

The Need For Localization In The Business Sector

Localization helps to create a deeper connection and understanding with a specific market. Apart from the financial sector, it is also a trending concept in business and has been considered by many to be the latest method to grow and maintain your relevance in a market structure. 

The topline indicated is that localization is a way to expand your client base and reach out to a larger audience within a specific product-market eCommerce but, thus, driving sales and audience engagement. In contrast to the topline, which refers to total revenue or gross sales, the bottom line is a company’s net profit, the total revenue after deduction of all expenses. 

In a rural user base, knowing English well enough to use it as a means of online information consumption is not justified, especially with an average of 30% of the Indian population across all states still lying uneducated. 

Translating your product description, webpage, or any other content you are creating on the internet to a variety of regional languages means that direct action is being taken to reduce misinformation and confusion due to the unavailability of content in the native language of a region.

Impact Of Localization On The Bottom Line

Every day there are thousands of cancellations, returns, and refunds. This might not happen to the younger generations living in urban India, but keep in mind that the working-age group constitutes less than 65% of the Indian population. Consumption decisions are also in the hands of the rest, and one cannot expect them to be aware of how the internet works. Keeping this in mind, here are three ways in which localization can cut costs, thus raising the bottom line for a business. 

  • Businesses can reduce costs of cancellation and refunds as people can be more sure of what they are purchasing.
  • The business can cut costs on employing fluent English-speaking delivery personnel, as people fluent in their vernacular language would be more affordable to employ and better for the purpose of localization.
  • Call centre and customer care costs can also be reduced upon as most answers to simple questions would be provided in the regional language.

The Need For Website Localization

  • Reduces costs from communication gap: With web localization, you can be rest assured that any customer viewing your website won’t be turned down just because they cannot understand what your product is. Website localization, especially for eCommerce sites, helps the customer ensure that they will get the product they are purchasing and aren’t being misled by confusing imagery. 
  • Reduces extra labor cost: If you and your business value customer service and want to build a brand name for the same, making sure you reply efficiently, both in terms of time management and problem-solving – to inquiries and customer complaints is a must. Several people need to be employed to help assist customers speaking a variety of languages. The employee thus arranged must also be fluent in such vernacular languages. With localization, this hassle and extra employment cost can be cut out, thus improving the bottom line. 

Final words

Localization is an easy step to take through the translation of languages, especially if your motive is to raise your bottom line. It is a great way to explore the potential of your business, just by expanding its interface to be vernacular language-friendly.

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