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How to make an effective localization strategy in 2023?

Best localization strategy


In the Indian internet user space, vernacular language users are becoming more prominent day by day. Unless this audience does not understand the business message you are trying to convey, it is difficult to sell your products and services to them, By localizing your website content, you are not just translating the text, but molding the content to your target audience’s local context. 

What are the different options available for website localization?

There are various ways to localize your website from one language to another. Some of the commonly used methods for website localization are,

Human translation services

This is one of the oldest forms of translation of the text where a professional translator converts the content from one language to another. Human translation services are used for activities like content translation, video subtitling, proofreading of content, etc.  You might face various challenges if you rely solely on human translation for the localization of your website. Some of the key roadblocks that might come across in human translation services are

  • Human translations are time-consuming. According to estimates a human translator can translate up to 250 words in an hour. So if you are planning to translate 10,000 words in one language, that would take upto 10 working days
  • Human-translated documents are more prone to errors due to oversight. It can also put your company at some confidentiality risks if you are planning to translate any legal documents, non-disclosure agreements, etc
  • Human translations are costlier compared to the other options available in the market. Since it is a time-consuming effort,  the go-live of your localized website is likely to be delayed.

While human translations can deliver comprehendible translations that take the linguistic assets and visual context into account, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to the localization of an entire website.

Automated website localization software.

An automated website localization platform is a complete solution with every feature that is required to localize your website in multiple languages and maintain them for life without any hassles. Some of the key features that  you can find in automated website localization software are,

  1. An AI-based advanced machine translation software.
  2. Ability to review translations by professional human translators and make any tweaks as and when required.
  3. A dashboard from which you can control the  entire localization process, choose the type of content to be translated or transliterated, switch on and off languages in your localized website, etc
  4. Extensive language support based on the present and future needs of the vernacular user market
  5. Ability to automatically detect and translate any newly added content to the website.
  6. Search engine optimization tools for multilingual SEO purposes.
  7. A glossary with guidelines on translation and transliteration requirements of the website to ensure consistency.
  8. Project management tools to manage the localization project with multiple internal and external stakeholders
  9. Translation management systems for managing and organizing the content translation workflow

How can MoxVeda give you the best localization experience?

Process Nine has introduced a revolutionary technology called MoxVeda that can translate your website instantly without making any changes to the website code, database, or platform. This technology automatically detects any English text and translates it into your preferred language. The intelligent design of this technology takes away all the hassles of a manual  translation like,

  • Manual extraction of English text and replacing it with the translated version
  • Checking the translated output for HTML code accuracy and CSS uniformity
  • Constant effort to ensure that the original site and the translated site are in sync

It is an SEO-compliant solution with a unique ‘no-intervention’ design that constantly monitors your website and ensures that all the translations are up to date. MoxVeda can bring down your translation cost by 50% and it has a scalable service delivery model with flexible options for hosting.  The hosting includes unlimited bandwidth based on your subscription plan and you do not have to invest in an extra server or increase the capacity of your current web server. This language localization platform is compatible with all content management systems, development platforms,  tech stacks, and architectures that are used for developing websites.

MoxVeda provides 360-degree control over the website localization process and your localized website.  It gives you the liberty to decide how you would like to see the content on each localized web page. You can choose your translations from our inbuild translation system, MoxWave, your internal translation team, or any translator of your choice.

Key parameters that determine the right localization strategy.

In determining the best method for localizing your website, quality, cost, timeline, and maintenance are some of the key parameters to consider.  Here is a quick comparison of the influence of these parameters on human translation services and MoxVeda- the automated website localization software.


Human translation can provide decent quality translations, however, there are higher possibilities for clerical errors due to oversight. MoxVeda provides consistent translations that cover linguistic nuances and the cultural context of the target languages. The cost of human translation services gets higher based on the volume of the translations and the complexity of the project. MoxVeda works on a consistent SAAS-based price model. Human translation can often result in a longer implementation timeline based on the content volume and the availability of professional translators. You can make your website multilingual using MoxVeda in a rational timeline for as early as four weeks in any Indian language. Due to the increased need for manual intervention, maintaining a multilingual website using human translators can be challenging. MoxVeda offers continuous support for your multilingual website and keeps all the translations up-to-date and well-synchronized across all languages.