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The A-Z of Localization with MOX

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AAPIMOX is available as an API
BBusiness criticalTo succeed in India, localization is business criticial – you need to localize today!
CCloud-basedThe MOX API is on AWS Singapore – easy to access and highly scalable
DDevicesMOX isn’t just for websites and apps, we also sit on mobile devices!
EEfficientOur localization process is highly efficient – we’re maximizing automation and minimizing offline and human based processes
FFontsHigh quality Indian language fonts not only enhance the product usability and user experience, they go on to create a unique brand identity and recall value amongst users
GGatewayMOX Gateway is your window to One-Click Localization !
HHigh speedMOX Translation engine provides real time translation and transliteration of data at high speed
IIndiaThe land we’re from and the land where the internet is booming today. You need to speak the languages of this country, if you want to capture the hearts of its people!
JJump in user influxWhen you localize, you open your doors to millions of new customers who can now enjoy your services. Can you hear the cash register go $kaching$ ..?
KKeypadThe MOX Keypad is very flexible and full of options – whether it be skins, languages, or keyboard layouts – giving you the best customization and personalization options
LLanguagesMOX Wave currently supports translation and transliteration in 9 Indian languages while the MOX Keypad supports 21
MMachine learningThe Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies being used by MOX are unparalleled in India and use machine learning to constantly improve translations
NNon-invasiveThrough the Gateway, you won’t need to change your source code, or make any changes to your back-end database
OOptimized Response TimeMOX is fully automated – and will provide you automated responses irrespective of which quality level you choose. It eliminates dependence on offline methods of data transfer
PPlatform agnosticWhatever your development platform or backend database, MOX can take you global
QQuick Roll OutWith Process9 and the MOX Gateway, you can roll-out your localized property in a matter of weeks!
RReal-Time TranslationsMOX Wave provides instant, real-time translations in 9 Indian languages through its cloud based API
SScalableBeing cloud based makes MOX a highly scalable solution that can grow with you, at every step
TTranslation & TransliterationWhen you connect to MOX Wave, you have the option to choose which part of your display should be translated, and which should be transliterated. And again, it’s automated!
UUnicodeBecause we believe in nothing but the best-in-class
VVersatileMOX is highly versatile in functionalities, and is highly customizable
WWeb-serviceIt’s very easy to integrate with MOX – you don’t need to make any major changes or integration efforts at your end
XExtrawhat u can offer users today, which will become a main-stay 6-12 months down the road. You can build loyalty today.
YYesWhat you need to say to localization today!
ZZerothats how much effort you need to put to do a pilot for localization with us!