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Use Machine Translation to accelerate your translation process 🚀By Rakesh Kapoor

Straight from the heart chapter 9


Using MT can increase the productivity of your translators and save time. When combined with appropriate translation tools, it can also help improve the quality of translations for you. However, it is important to remember that technology is a tool that can reduce your effort, but not eliminate it entirely. For example, a car or an airplane can help you reach your destination faster, but you still need to drive or fly it.
If you are a content publisher, such as a business or a media organization, it is common to verify and post-edit translations produced by MT before publishing them. This process is similar to having an article written by a writer go through proof-reading and editing before publication. In some cases, such as blogs, articles for SEO purposes, and content created for less-formal purposes, one can use MT translations directly.
MT is an important technology for organizations that produce a significant volume of content. Higher use of MT combined with post-editing can create a feedback loop for your content. This loop helps build a machine learning corpus, which can drastically reduce your translation time and costs. Over time, the MT engine will learn the terminology and style of your organization and will eventually produce translations that require little or no proof-reading and post-editing. To reap the benefits of this technology, an organization must invest in MT and appropriate post-editing and corpus management tools that can convert your data into a valuable resource and ultimately provide a significant return on investment.