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Let Indian languages be the languages of Commerce in India

Indian Languages


Our PM Shri Modi recently made a very significant statement that

“Hindi should become the language of the markets”.

The same should be true for other Indian languages such as Tamil, Marathi and a dozen others. This can have far reaching consequences.

In a country of 1.3 billion, a mere 15% are English literate, yet English is the language of commerce. From banking to stock market transactions to taxes to higher education; everything in India happens in English. While there is nothing wrong with using English, those who are not conversant in that language are left out of the mainstream commerce. Besides media, entertainment and politics, not much happens in local  languages. Unfortunately, people who are not English literate are looked down upon, are usually synonymous with poor education and are discriminated against. We experience a great language based economic and social divide in India.

Native language of a country being the cause of disadvantage cannot be a modern thought. Such anomalies can be corrected through technology. At Process 9 therefore we have started the change process from the eCommerce end. Instead of plucking the low hanging fruit and solving easy problems, we have decided to take the bull by the horn and decided that all online and mobile business must be native language enabled at the earliest. The problem of one billion people will naturally be a huge problem and will require huge efforts to solve. We decided to deploy natural language processing (NLP) techniques to develop machine translation capability. Our technology is cloud based, scalable, high quality, easy to use and cost effective. Localization using our suite of MOX products  is as easy as falling off a log. Your online or mobile property can be localized for go-live in a matter of hours

Bringing one billion people into mainstream is a mammoth task. Besides technology, it needs the support of stalwarts such as #Amitabhbachhan, #Rattantata and #Azimpremji to lead this very important social change.

Localization in Indian languages can make a huge business impact and can add one billion new customers to your business. It increases your sales, reduces your costs of doing business and in the process has a great social impact. The linguistic divide can be filled. Not knowing English will no longer be a reason to remain out of main stream commerce and economy. Process 9 technology is changing India one person and one language at a time.