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Points to Consider When Selecting A Machine Translation API: Everything You Need to Know

How to select machine translation API


Machine Translation: The Saga from Scratch

Come the 21st century, the world stood witness to the unprecedented free, seamless, and limitless flow of information over the internet. The internet being a first-world developed invention, bore testimony to the hegemonic or globalized, as some prefer to say, English language in its information structure. In the initial days of the internet, businesses also found it relevant to keep their online commercial activities in English to cater to the high-paying English-speaking elite target group. 

But with the IT and internet revolution in third world countries like India, the internet no longer remained an exclusive territory for the English-speaking elites – there has been a flood of multilingual websites and apps, accompanied and, in some cases, powered by various Machine Translation API services catering to non-English speakers. 

This is where the localization of the digital avatars for businesses – like their websites, apps, videos, training documents, support centres etc  became an essential prerequisite. Among the top factors narrowing down the expansionist ambitions of businesses remains the quest for a cost-effective & efficient Machine Translation API for website localization. Machine Translation API software like MoxWave have proved to be a blessing in disguise for businesses. They are cost-effective and efficient and demonstrate remarkable accuracy and trend appropriation with multiple language compatibility. 

If you are wondering about what things you need to keep in your mind before selecting a Machine Translation API, we have got you covered. 

Read on to learn about the factors determining the success of a Machine Translation API.

Factors to consider when selecting a Machine Translation API 

Selecting a Machine Translation API is important, as your business would be betting on your ambitious goals of expansion across multiple linguistic regions on the efficiency of the Machine Translation API

So, what are the key points that should dominate your decision-making process while selecting a Machine Translation API for your websites? 

Read on to find the answer for the same.

These are the point that you need to take into account before selecting a Machine Translation API:

  • Security
  • Auto-formatting Capability
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-linguistic Compatibility
  • Customization
  • Customer Support

Read on to learn more about these factors in detail. 

1. Security

“Data is the new oil” is a statement that speaks a thousand words in the cyber security domain. You certainly do not want to compromise on the sensitive commercial data of your website while going for a machine translation API. 

Even a minor leakage of your sensitive data can cause irreparable damage to your business. That is why experts recommend choosing a fully secure machine translation API so that there remains no room for any data breach possibility.

2. Auto-formatting Capability

When everything is automatic, and businesses prefer automated services over human efforts for consistency, quality, speed and accuracy, your business ambitions can not afford to lose out on the opportunity of opting for an auto-formatting capable machine translation API. 

Auto-formatting of business documents saves a lot of time, human effort, and money and is even capable of maintaining consistency and accuracy in the website localization process.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is the key as far as machine translation API for website localization is concerned. You should do adequate research before selecting a machine translation API, as it can really jeopardise your localization efforts. There are a lot of collaboration-friendly machine translation APIs like MoxWave available in the market. You can choose any one of them and ensure that the localization of your content remains collaboration-friendly.

4. Multi-linguistic Compatibility

The machine translation API you select for your website’s localization should be compatible with multiple languages. It solid-proofs your website for your future commercial ambitions of expanding operations in more linguistically-diverse regions and even countries. 

It is for this that the selection of a machine translation API should be compatible with multiple languages. Also, you should consider that the multiple-language compatibility should not hinder the speed and user experience. 

5. Customization

Customization support is among the top factors that you should consider before selecting a machine translation API for your website. The machine translation API industry is bursting at streams with sundry translation APIs, many of which do not support customization. You should always select a translation API like MoxWave, which comes pre-loaded with customization features, enabling you to adapt to your target audience’s linguistic and socio-cultural nuances. 

With the customization feature on-loaded, recognition and translation of specific dialects or jargon (terminologies) become accurate and easy. This is quite useful in the case of technical or specialized content, where accuracy, precision, and flow appropriation play a pivotal role.

6. Customer support

Before you select a machine translation API, make sure that the customer support for the same is up to mark. The reason why customer support for a machine translation API becomes important is because of its technology-based nature. As a website owner, you would eventually run into technical issues or even need some assistance for the API’s implementation. 

In such a case, an effective, responsive and fast customer support service will come to your rescue. The customer service should include not only pre-recorded, one-size-fits-all guided video tutorials and documentation, but it should also have a provision for human-based troubleshooting, either online or offline. 

These are the factors that you should consider before choosing a machine translation API for your business. Wondering what are the benefits of a Best Machine Translation API? Well, the answer is right below. 

Keep reading to learn about the benefits a machine translation API offers to your business. 

Benefits of Machine Translation API:

Just like any product or service has its relevance as long as it solves a problem and gives a satisfactory experience to the target audience, so do the machine translation APIs in the internet era. There are a good number of reasons why it has become the first preference for businesses looking to expand their footfall across linguistically-diverse regions. 

Following are some of the benefits of machine translation APIs:

  • Fluidity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Multiple-language compatibility
  • Coherence & efficiency
  • Customizable
  • Automation

Read on to learn more about these benefits for business in detail.

1. Fluidity

Machine translation APIs provide an excellent and unprecedented speed to the website localization and translation process as compared to traditional human translation services. Also, you can even customize machine translation APIs with what version of a language you want localization for. For example, efficient machine translation APIs like MoxWave provide the convenience to businesses to select the language version like Traditional Hindi vs Modern Hindi

2. Cost-effectiveness

As the rule goes in the industry, with every innovation, either the cost of production comes down, or you get more features at the same prices. Machine translation APIs are no exception to this. 

These have not only raised the quality bar higher for localization and translation services but are also quite cost-effective or cheap, as some prefer to say, as compared to human-led translation services.

3. Multiple Language Compatibility

When you scale your business, you always think about the future possibilities and opportunities to expand your footfall; machine translation APIs like MoxWave facilitate exactly the same. 

These software are compatible with a wide variety of languages spoken, understood, and preferred by millions of users. Although, with human-based translation and localization services, this was not feasible because a human translator can not be apt with the 7100+ languages spoken in different parts of the world.  

4. Coherence & efficiency

Technology has always been known to have reduced human efforts and provide a satisfactory user experience as far as quality, coherence & efficiency are concerned. So has machine translation APIs with their AI-driven advanced linguistic algorithms, which take care of all the four pillars of translation, known as “the four Ts of translation“. 

This has not only increased the efficiency of the localization process by improving the quality standards but has also ushered in an era of faster & coherent localization processes across languages and dialects.

5. Customisable

What’s better than reaching out to your target audience in their preferred language, that too while appropriating all the socio-economic and cultural moorings of the target audience, ensuring that the product or service meets the needs, requirements, and expectations of the target group? Machine translation APIs enable you to do just the same. 

You can customize the APIs as per your industry’s requirements and target your users with original and high-quality content, resulting in better reach and higher revenue for your business.  

7. Accuracy

The unique MoxWave API allows you to choose whether you want human or machine translation and it can provide you both via the same API.

This ensures that there remains no room for miscommunication with the target audience. It means it’s a win-win for both businesses as well as customers because businesses are able to do the right customer targeting, and customers also benefit from products or/and services.

8. Automation

Yes, you read that right. It’s the 21st century, where your customer has seamless information over the internet. 

Automation of localization with machine translation APIs gives you the edge over your competitors when it comes to delivering products and services swiftly. Machine translation APIs just do the same by automating the entire process. Further software like MoxWave reduces the cost of localization drastically as the entire process becomes automated, requiring little to no human interference. 


Machine translation APIs provide a cost-effective as well as efficient alternative to traditional human-led localization and translation services. 

The aforementioned factors and features testify to the same. The market is flooded with a multitude of machine translation APIs, which neither conform to the aforementioned criteria nor are apt at providing good website localization. 

This is where the Best Machine Translation software MoxWave comes into the picture and provides unparalleled website localization service which conforms to all the aforementioned criteria.