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Process Nine launches authentic free translator tool for 13 Indian languages

Process nine launched 13 language translator


Today, there are only a limited number of neural machine translators available in the  Indian market that can deliver translations with linguistic efficiency and market accuracy.  Since 2020, the number of users who had search queries related to “ translate” in Google is more than 50%. In India, local language speakers are not only interested in consuming online content in regional languages but also in understanding content from other languages in their native tongue.

The key behind a successful machine translation lies in combining translation and transliteration with a linguistic subtlety that can connect with your audience. However, many top machine translators available in the Indian market do not offer such customized translation services just yet.

Well, here is the good news!

Process Nine Technologies has launched an authentic high-quality free translator tool that can translate your content into 13 Indian languages. The free translator tool of Process Nine supports languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Urdu, Assamese, Punjabi, and Hinglish.  This tool is powered by Process Nine’s neural translation API, Mox Wave

Free Online translator with high market fluency

Market fluency is essential for a brand to gain the trust of its customers. Brands should focus on communicating with their audience in a language they understand rather than focusing on simple translations. 

For example, the word SALE is something that even the regional language-speaking internet user can understand. So instead of translating it to ‘बिक्री ‘, its more useful if it can be transliterated to  ’सेल’. With our free translator tool, you can immediately see how our machine translation API provides excellent translation results that consider the nuance of the target language, common colloquial terms, and preferences of the target audience.

Many times machine translation outcomes lack consistency. The context can be lost during translation, resulting in a generic meaning in the output.   Using this free translator tool, you can explore how to use the customization features of our translation API for a more authentic way of messaging that drives deeper engagement.  While transliterating content, such as names, addresses, product names, places, etc., to Indian languages, the best practice is to preserve the original text pronunciation while using regional language scripts. We maintain balance in translation and transliteration so that the output content maintains market fluency without alienating the customers.

So if you are looking at translating English content into Indian languages for FREE, look no further than Process Nine’s free translator tool. 

If you would like to learn more about how to make your multilingual content future-proof with Process Nine’s translation API, Mox Wave… Contact Us Today