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4Q Approach for Customer Acquisition in Bharat



The next big poster child for all businesses – domestic and global alike, isn’t India, it’s “Bharat”. What is Bharat, Who is Bharat, How is Bharat different from India? Everyone’s trying to come up with answers.

Bharat maybe be one in heart and spirit. But it’s certainly not one market. It’s quite like a marigold – a combination of smaller markets – divided by region, culture, language, education, income levels, needs and aspirations.

Some businesses feel that just translating their ads, or websites into local languages will seal the deal. It will surely help, but sadly, it’s not going to be enough. The 300+ million “Bharat” consumers aren’t as attuned to complex websites, apps or digital products, as their matured counterparts of “India”.

The rules of selling work differently for “Bharat”. There is enough evidence for this in retail as well as offline businesses. Where shampoo sachets and Hutch ka chhota recharge changed the game for FMCG and telecom, COD purchases opened new avenues of demand for the ecommerce industry.

Engaging with your customers in Bharat is not difficult, it’s just different.

As a digital marketer, you will need to understand the profile and needs of your target customers, and then educate and handhold them to consume your products and services.

Profiling your customers and understanding their needs with respect your product or service requires extensive market research. Many companies are unable to invest time and money in this activity. Fortunately with 300+ million Internet and smartphone connections in Bharat, it has become possible to conduct this research online at a fraction of the cost. Based on years of our experience with Bharat consumers, Process9 has devised a playbook to perform this market research using digital means. Process9’ 4Q approach for customer acquisition in Bharat communicates at a level different from what marketers often undertake with an urban customer.

Depending on the product or service being marketed you may ask the prospecting customers a series of Questions in sets of 4 questions. The questioning starts at a level much different from that of a mature digital savvy consumer. In the 4Q approach, the questioning process assumes nothing. For example, if you were selling insurance to a Bharat customer, the first set of questions could be the following.

  • Have you ever had an insurance policy?
  • Have you heard of Policybazaar?
  • Do you know that you can buy an insurance policy on your phone?
  • Do you have another question about insurance?

Depending on the answer to the first set of questions, the next set could be.

  • Do you want to learn about Health insurance?
  • Do you want to learn how to buy health insurance?
  • Do you want to buy Health insurance?
  • Do you have another question?

As you can see, the first 3 questions always attempt to discover which step on the maturity ladder does the person stand on, and the 4th question admits that we do not know enough about you at this stage to ask you the right questions. Starting from the first 4 questions, the experience pans out like a KBC quiz and could either result the next 4 questions or could culminate into an activity

  • Here are the list of diseases covered by health insurance
  • Here are the list of hospitals covered by health insurance
  • Pls fill up this form to get a quotation on health insurance policy of 5 Lacs
  • We’ll now show you a video showing you how to buy a health insurance

Needless to say that the entire communication will be in the person’s native language and the UX could be multiple choices, some text entry or a mix of text and voice.

Marketers who are looking to make an entry into Bharat, will need to reach out to an initial set of audience in their desired market segment; say 10,000 prospects in the middle income group in Kanpur for a health insurance product, an MSME loan product, for home delivery of grocery, a new eLearning app or for a range of fashion garments.

4Q uses innovative techniques to access curated and targeted audience groups across cities and geographies, to start prospecting and building trust.

4Q approach is designed to help you discover the needs and maturity levels of a completely new set of audience for you, who may not have had a previous exposure to your product, product category or your selling process. It is specifically designed to discover product-market fit for Bharat. 4Q approach is simple, completely digital and delivers measurable results and ROI.

Bharat is ready for you. Are you ready to discover Bharat?