A complete Guide to Different Types of Translation

The 21st century is synonymous with rapid globalization, hallmarked by fluid connectivity and the seamless spread of knowledge across the length and breadth of the planet.  Ever since man started farming and learned to be settlers, there has always been a zeal to voyage into the unknown for expeditions toward

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Why should you know the proud history of ancient languages?

Every species has its way of communicating with each other. However, humans are unique as they master cognitive communication capabilities through languages. Languages have three functions, Informative function Expressive function and Directive function Languages can be used for either oral communication or written communication. Words are defined as distinctive and

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Languages Spoken in India

India has always been the fountainhead of diversity. Be it the diversity of religions, pantheons, cults, traditions, cultures, races, traditions, architecture, or languages, India has been the land of diversity since time immemorial. This diversity manifests itself in the large number of languages spoken in India.  If you are wondering

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