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Our expert-created, continuously-trained custom machine translation engine provides a single point of translation for your content, enabling it to produce high-quality translation outputs that satisfy your specific business needs from within the security of your network. Besides being trained on brand-specific terminology, it supports multiple languages, is capable of translating large volumes of data, and can personalize outputs to a great extent. Following the initial training and deployment, the engine is retrained with each newly generated piece of content post-validation to further fine-tune the outputs. With the help of this continuous feedback cycle, we develop a perfect translation engine that satisfies your specific needs and easily integrates with your current content management systems and translation workflows.

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Where can you use customized Machine Translation?

Keep your brand’s voice, style, and messaging consistent in multiple languages and cultures by creating a personalized translation engine.

Custom machine translation is an effective method for the translation of websites and marketing and communication documents.

Through personalized machine translation, you can improve communication with your employees via perfectly translated internal documents and emails. Increase your reach with your customers through multilingual chatbots, where every response can be promptly and decisively translated using our custom machine translation engine. With user-generated content such as reviews, discussion forums, etc. dominating the digital marketplace, this technology can help you make your content available in Indian and international languages and reach a diverse audience. Custom machine translation engines are well-trained to translate informal language, slang, and community-related terms in user-generated content with better accuracy. With the help of this engine, you can translate your content with confidence and keep context. Using the context-adaptive method, the engine improves translation quality every time and generates more contextually appropriate outputs that improve understanding of the source text.




High-Quality translations in your brand’s voice

Get high-quality translations that incorporate your style guide at the click of a button. Our customized engines are well-trained to produce consistent results for specific terminologies across any source file. Adapt your translation outputs to your brand’s voice and intended cultural nuances of the targeted geographies while adhering to linguistic conventions and vocabulary choices.

Enhanced data Security and Privacy

Utilizing the unique machine translation engine created specifically for your company, effectively translate your private and sensitive data while remaining protected within your network. We use state-of-the-art encryption to secure the privacy of the network. Our custom machine translation engine is designed with leading data protection standards, and we do not use any personally identifiable information (PII) from you to train the base engine or another client’s engine.


Increased Cost efficiency

Achieve tailored, meaningful outputs while optimizing the costs of translation. This translation engine increases the output of manual translators by 200%. By reducing manual translation costs by 70%, our custom translation engine eliminates the need for extensive post-editing efforts and manual corrections. As the engine gets automated based on your specific requirements, the workload can be substantially reduced, and there can be a faster turnaround time.  

High volume of content (means high cost+time)

One of the main challenges faced in the localization of ecommerce assets is handling large volumes of data. The ecommerce websites and applications contain a large number of product names and descriptions and new names are added to the list every day. Based on the target markets, online businesses also devise multiple marketing campaigns like festival sales every month. The bottom line is that new content is added to the e-commerce assets every time and localizing the same can be a costly and time-consuming effort.

Frequent changes in website/ app

The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving due to the latest technologies and consumers’ preference for smart devices. E-commerce applications and websites undergo various technical updates on a frequent basis to keep up with the progressing demands of the online business markets. It is quite challenging for the localized versions of the e-commerce assets to stay in sync and not be impaired by technical updates.
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Data Security & Scalability

An e-commerce transaction involves a lot of data/ information that should be processed in a secure manner. Any form of cyber or data security breach in the e-commerce asset can adversely affect the retailers’ day-to-day operations and the business continuity of the company. Therefore any technology used for localization should be secured and scalable based on the growth of the business.

Flexibility of Format

Regardless of volume, seamlessly translate any type of content from any platform, such as websites, mobile applications, landing pages, documents, emails, or just any piece of text. The engine is trained to enforce consistency, and automation increases the efficiency of the translation process. This engine enables you to effortlessly translate emails without losing context and including all business-specific terminologies. With our personalized translation engine, we guarantee enhanced accessibility and capability to handle a wide variety of content.


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What is customized machine translation?

The term “customized machine translation” refers to the modification of machine translations to meet the requirements of a particular domain, language, or user. In addition to the general goal of machine translation, which is to translate large amounts of data, customized machine translation adds various levels of personalization, including a distinctive tone that enunciates the brand, domain-specific terminologies, and multiple languages of choice. Customized machine translations can be seamlessly integrated with existing content management systems and translation workflows. Connect with our localization experts today and make your translation outputs more engaging with distinct writing styles and vocabulary choices.

How many languages does the customized machine translation engine support?

Based on your needs, the custom machine translation engine can be trained in any language. The base engine in custom machine translation can be efficiently trained using your data.

How is customized machine translation different from generic machine translation?

In customized machine translation, the engine is trained efficiently using the client’s data to meet their requirements in terms of specific terminologies and vocabulary choices. It translates the content while also comprehending the right context. Finally, the engine learns from its previous translations and any manual corrections to produce high-quality outputs at reasonable prices.

Is custom machine translation affordable?

Yes, custom machine translation is affordable. These translation engines can deliver high-quality, consistent outputs within the security of your network. You can reduce manual translation costs by 70% with custom machine translation engines. To know more about the pricing, share your requirements with us, and our experts will get back to you.

How do updates affect my localized application or website?

No update will impact the localized version of your application or website, as MoxVeda maintains complete synchronization with respect to the design and content of your digital asset at all times.

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