How to ensure 100% equity market access to small-town retail traders?

Before the advent of digitization, the stock market was a chaotic crowd full of brokers and traders. Without extensive paperwork and help from stock brokers, opening a Demat account or investing in shares was impossible. Digitization has increased the efficiency of the Indian stock market through dematerialization and online trading. 

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5Paisa Capital Limited case study

CASE STUDY 5Paisa Capital Limited WEBSITE & MOBILE APP LOCALIZATION “Localization is the need of the hour and we needed a solution that would give us freedom and flexibility without any pains.  After evaluating many options, we found the best fit with Process9. Their automated MoxVeda platform made website translation

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Axis Bank Case study

CASE STUDY Axis Bank Limited LOCALIZATION OF CUSTOMER  SUPPORT SITE “ We carefully evaluated many options in the market and finally chose Process9 because MoxVeda was the best solution in the market that met all the items on our wishlist and delivered even more – Ease of Use, Security, Speed

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