MOX Keypad powerfully equips themobile device to type in 22 Indic Languages


A single touch toggle key between English and the desired language


Tap the TR or TL to translate between English and Indian Languages on-the-fly


MOX technology enables speech recognition and voice typing into keypad


Device is trained to predict the next typed word, auto-correct & word completion


New, colorful smileys for fun typing experience

MOX Keypad for ANDROID

MOX replaces the on-screen keypad for tablets and smartphones. The text input technology is user adaptive and gets smarter, the more you use it. It gives a better user experience with aesthetic fonts available in all Indian Languages. The multilingual keypad works well with all android devices, in both portrait and landscape orientations. It’s the best Multilanguage keyboard apps for Android phones.

Plug-in Dictionary

Dictionary plug- ins available for all Indian Languages equipped with most commonly used words of each language. The dictionary allows predictions just after two characters. Hence we say, you can type faster!

Keypad Layouts

MOX keypad is the best Indian language keypad for Android which supports all regional languages. Apart from its 22-language support, the keypad also offers distinct layouts for Inscript, Phonetic, and Shiftless typing.

Phonetic Layout

The characters of the selected language are displayed over English Alphabets. Our keypad will let you type in English alphabets like "Mujhe Phone Karo" to see the Hindi Text like "मुझे फ़ोन करो". It is a convenient way of typing Indian languages on English QWERTY keypad.

Inscript Layout

MOX Keypad supports this most common layout with standardized placing of vowels and consonants, of any language, over the keypad. The layout represents the basic character set of any Indian language.

Shiftless Layout

All possible sounds and characters displayed in one single layout to make it easier to type quickly through the selected language.


MOX Words is trained to save your own words, names and phrases to create your own personal dictionary. This is one of the most helpful features of MOX keyboard and gives a handy list of words.

When typing a new word, just long press it and it automatically gets added to your user dictionary. By adding your own words to the dictionary in your device, you can reduce the time it takes you to enter text. Saved words show up as word suggestions as you type The words that show up, can also be removed from the dictionary.

MOX Words learns from your input and delivers a faster typing experience with combined plug-in dictionaries and user dictionaries. Did you know it was that easy to create your own personal language library? Let the world know about it.

Keypad Personalization Features

MOX Keypad is more customizable with brand new themes, gesture and keypad settings

Splendid Themes

Built-in themes crafted beautifully to give a personalized look to the keypad.

Keypad Resizing

Size the height/width of the keypad to ensure best typing experience

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