Our Products

Process9 is India’s leading language localization technology company specializing in localization of digital properties such as websites, mobile apps, enterprise applications, CRMs, chatbots, and translation of content.

Through our suite of products, businesses can provide a 360 degree localized communication channel to their workforce and customers, and expand their market to any country of the world.


MoxVeda is a revolution in language localization. It is the easiest and quickest way to translate an existing web/mobile site or an app to many languages without the need for changes in back-end source code, databases, or static content. It acts as a middle layer between the browser and the web server to dynamically translate content to a user’s language. Independent of the platform, the entire process is non-invasive and requires no change in the website or the mobile application.


MoxWave is a cloud based translation Neural Machine translation (NMT) API for translation of text from English to a large number Indian and global languages. MoxWave is a unified API that can be used for machine translation as well as manual translation of content. MoxWave offers the best-in-industry Neural Machine translation capability from English to 11 major Indian languages. The API definition of MoxWave includes many advanced translation options. Also customer specific options can be provided for enterprise users.