This is especially true in a country like India where 85% of the population doesn’t speak English. If you could effortlessly reach out and connect with one billion Indians who do not speak English, it immediately opens up a world of possibilities for your business. Process 9 bridges the gap between businesses and consumers.

Consumer demand is rapidly growing amongst population segments that prefer to use native languages for online purchasing. To reach out to 1.2 billion Indian population in their native language, businesses need to partner with website localization service providers to launch their digital businesses in various languages.Language translation software for websites & apps, developed by Process 9, helps business owners in quickly launching a multilingual website.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, it goes to his heart.”

- Nelson Mandela

Our Products

Process9 is India’s leading language localization technology company specializing in localization of digital properties and content such as websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications. As Internet and smart phones proliferate to the non-English speaking population, the need for localization has been rising in India and across the world. Process9 expects to meet this growing demand through its innovative technologies in Indian and Asian languages.

Process Nine is one-stop localization partner for all your business needs. Some of the major benefits digital businesses are gaining from our software are:

  • NO CHANGE in existing software, source code, content, database or CMS
  • NO DISRUPTION to existing setup, as the solution is external and cloud based
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY:The solution is compatible with any Dev stack or architecture
  • NO MAINTENANCE: Content changes auto-trigger desired updates to content in language websites
  • CONSISTENCY: Content, images, style, CSS stay synchronized in all languages at all times

MOX Veda

MOX VEDA brings the power of multilingual localization to your fingertips. Through a simple four-step process, your website can be localized, just the way you want, in the language of your choice, at the price of a cup of coffee a day! Try out a free demo, pick out a subscription package that suits your needs and start your localization journey in a couple of clicks.

MOX Wave

MOX Wave is a cloud-based machine translation and transliteration system. Presently, the application supports 9 Indian languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada with more languages coming soon. It provides highly accurate customized translation through an automated interface.

MOX Gateway

The MOX Gateway is a revolution in language localization. It is the easiest and quickest way to translate an existing web/mobile site or an app to many languages without the need for changes in back-end source code, databases, or static content. It acts as a middle layer between the browser and the web server to dynamically translate content to a user’s language.

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Language Localization solution for Music, Media & Entertainment:

The online media & entertainment industry is growing rapidly with the expansion of 4G services by various telecom operators. There is a high demand for entertainment content from consumers across India. The consumers of such content belong to full spectrum of ages, genders, and languages, creating diverse demographic segments. The content they consume varies across languages and hence there is a need for localizing digital content.

Process Nine offer unique localization and translation solutions for media and entertainment industry. Large volumes of new media is generated daily on entertainment sites. This requires quick & real time translation service which is able to handle large volumes of content.

With expertise in automated language delivery in all Indian languages, our unique solutions offer domain specific translations through a cloud based engine. It can translate items with short shelf lives like news to localizing a top movie ticket booking site. The approach is to provide contextually accurate translations and target a wider audience with flavors of local jargons.

The real time process of language localization is streamlined to handle the volumes of content demanded by entertainment. Localization solutions are available for websites, apps & mobile sites of

  • Movie ticket booking websites & apps,
  • OTT content providers,
  • On-Demand mobile videos providers


Penetrating a multilingual market can be daunting. But it is essential to connect with users in their own languages, for which localization is imperative.

Process 9 can implement the right combination of tools that best suits your requirements. This includes:

  • – Localization of website and mobile applications
  • – Quick, real-time translation of dynamic data
  • – Localization of back-end database
  • – Implementation of localized text entry and search

The Internet is everywhere, making your product accessible through smartphones. Process 9’s MOX Gateway can help you design a quick, easy, and pain-free pilot exercise for your product by localizing your website and mobile application. This is ideal for conducting market studies.

Process 9 can partner with you on your localization journey. Our solutions can localize your entire cycle from login to payment and text entry in all Indian languages. This will enable you to give your users an excellent user experience in their own language.

Process 9’s MOX Gateway is a one-stop-solution to localize your website and mobile application without changing your back-end data, source code, or user interface. Your development and IT teams can now focus more on the core business and worry less about translation.

Process 9 understands your need to stay market-relevant and make changes as and when required. Our solutions require no additional support for frequent changes and all updates to the main content will directly reflect in the localized versions.

MOX Wave is an ideal solution that provides real-time translation and transliteration of data from English to 9 Indian languages. It is a scalable machine translation system, available as a cloud-based API. MOX Wave has seen success in many e-businesses.

MOX Mobile is a three-way localization solution – OS translation, Indian keypads, and Indian fonts – making your device perfectly suitable for the wide range of Indian consumers. It is a tried and tested solution, being the preferred localization solution for many major mobile device firms in India.

Congratulations! We just love working at the initial stages of development. Our team will work with you to build your application in line with the best localization practices in the industry, allowing easy transition into any language you may prefer. An app that is built right can be easily scaled to different languages – as easy as a plug-n-play solution.

Complete localization not only enables users to consume data in their preferred language, but also allows them to respond in their language of choice. With Process 9 you can easily integrate a user-friendly Indian language keypad to your website/application, enabling your audience to engage with you in their preferred language. Our team of developers will ensure that no functionality is amiss with the whole process.

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