Smart Automated solution For Travel & Hospitality:

Travel and Hospitality is a diverse and highly competitive industry. Localization and translation is an essential factor when defining the customer experience within the online travel and hospitality sector. To effectively reach out to the right audience, it is important to adapt all forms of content and digital media in the choice of their language. True customer experience in ease of booking defines the, scheduling itineraries. Process Nine, understands the needs of a brand to engage with potential travelers and give them a true localized experience. The localization techniques for travel & hospitality are scalable to be able to handle millions of visitors. The engine is trained to give travel specific outputs. “Book Hotels” is localized to “होटल बुक करें” and not “किताब होटल”

Localization is effective for:

  • Online Travel Aggregators
  • Hotel Booking Sites
  • Interfaces for Inventory distribution
  • Interfaces for tour operators, drivers and agents.


1. I am an e-business and want to increase my market penetration in India.

2. I wish to conduct a market-test exercise to understand the demand for my product among non-English speakers.

3. I have a business that targets the non-English speaking market of India. I want a 360-degree solution for my website and app where consumers can type, search and interact with my interface in their native languages.

4. I want to localize my business but don’t have extensive development and IT support.

5. My product is liable for frequent changes and I don’t want to depend on external localization for every small update.

6. I am a localized e-business looking for a quick solution to meticulously translate high volumes of data.

7. I am a mobile phone and tablet manufacturer and want to localize my Operating Systems (OS).

8. I have created a new mobile application that I wish to localize.

9. I want my website and application to allow localized text entry and searches.

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