Language Localization solution for Music, Media & Entertainment:

The online media & entertainment industry is growing rapidly with the expansion of 4G services by various telecom operators. There is a high demand for entertainment content from consumers across India. The consumers of such content belong to full spectrum of ages, genders, and languages, creating diverse demographic segments. The content they consume varies across languages and hence there is a need for localizing digital content.

Process Nine offer unique localization and translation solutions for media and entertainment industry. Large volumes of new media is generated daily on entertainment sites. This requires quick & real time translation service which is able to handle large volumes of content.

With expertise in automated language delivery in all Indian languages, our unique solutions offer domain specific translations through a cloud based engine. It can translate items with short shelf lives like news to localizing a top movie ticket booking site. The approach is to provide contextually accurate translations and target a wider audience with flavors of local jargons.

The real time process of language localization is streamlined to handle the volumes of content demanded by entertainment. Localization solutions are available for websites, apps & mobile sites of

  • Movie ticket booking websites & apps,
  • OTT content providers,
  • On-Demand mobile videos providers


1. I am an e-business and want to increase my market penetration in India.

2. I wish to conduct a market-test exercise to understand the demand for my product among non-English speakers.

3. I have a business that targets the non-English speaking market of India. I want a 360-degree solution for my website and app where consumers can type, search and interact with my interface in their native languages.

4. I want to localize my business but don’t have extensive development and IT support.

5. My product is liable for frequent changes and I don’t want to depend on external localization for every small update.

6. I am a localized e-business looking for a quick solution to meticulously translate high volumes of data.

7. I am a mobile phone and tablet manufacturer and want to localize my Operating Systems (OS).

8. I have created a new mobile application that I wish to localize.

9. I want my website and application to allow localized text entry and searches.

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