Secured Localization solutions for Banks & Financial institutions:

Banking and Financial institutions require localization solutions which offer security of their confidential data and deliver accurate content. Process Nine has expertise in offering domain specific localization solutions to the banks and other financial institutions. MOX technology is built to provide real time translations in the most accurate way to deal with sensitive content, while maintaining the tone and style. Internet access across mass markets has become a key driver of all mobile enabled payments. Localization will drive mass markets to engage with prime and secondary services offered by these institutions.

Localization solutions offered for banks and other institutions are as follows

  • Multilingual consumer banking apps/websites
  • Trading Apps
  • Multilingual platforms for Loans


1. I am an e-business and want to increase my market penetration in India.

2. I wish to conduct a market-test exercise to understand the demand for my product among non-English speakers.

3. I have a business that targets the non-English speaking market of India. I want a 360-degree solution for my website and app where consumers can type, search and interact with my interface in their native languages.

4. I want to localize my business but don’t have extensive development and IT support.

5. My product is liable for frequent changes and I don’t want to depend on external localization for every small update.

6. I am a localized e-business looking for a quick solution to meticulously translate high volumes of data.

7. I am a mobile phone and tablet manufacturer and want to localize my Operating Systems (OS).

8. I have created a new mobile application that I wish to localize.

9. I want my website and application to allow localized text entry and searches.

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