Do You Have a Winning Localization Strategy?

Personalizing customer experience is the way to connect, engage, and win new business. Subsequently, companies around the globe are investing in innovative marketing strategies, such as localization of their products and services that are unique and accessible for consumers and rapidly build trust and brand value.

Localized business offerings resonate with consumers as it involves relevant cultural distinction to sense familiarity, instead of simply translating the English language into the local version. Thus, a robust localization strategy can strengthen a brand’s foundation as it enables it to execute a tactical plan and successfully venture into new markets.

Quick Facts:

  • 75% of customers prefer to purchase from the same business that offers after-sales services in their language.
  • 76% of consumers prefer to read product information in their native language.
  • 40% growth in revenues is expected if businesses offer localized products and services.

                                                                                                      (Courtesy: Google)

Is your business deploying the localization strategy for making the right connections with your audiences?      

You are nodding your head in affirmation but disappointed with the results? Don’t give up! Read on to find out how you can improve your strategy for winning the game.

  • Evaluate country response

Meticulous market research is not enough; you must listen and evaluate in-country response to your products and services. The feedback enables you to learn the gaps and fill them with suitable localization strategies based on consumers’ intent and behaviour. Subsequently, it will improve and enhance your customer interactions.

  • Guide your consumers through their buyer journey

You have a successful marketing strategy in your geography, but the guarantee of its working in the new markets you seek to explore is slim. Hence, you should be willing to adjust your marketing strategy as per the local culture and the relevant buyer’s journey. 

  • Use localization services

Localization experts assist your brand in creating a fantastic user experience as they are seasoned in their markets. They know the grounds that you want to tread on and, accordingly, guide you through the right channels and methodologies to connect and engage with the local audiences. Localized marketing content uses significant cultural phrases that resonate with natives and engage better with the business.

  • Study each market

Evaluate the localization strategies that assist you in connecting, engaging, and selling in the local markets. Adapt those strategies to other markets, including your own geography. For instance, Startups are aggressively translating and localizing their websites and apps to communicate with their audiences across markets and are witnessing 3X improvement in their sales.

  • Networking

Marketing gurus often emphasize networking, as it’s the key to strengthening your business opportunities pipeline. Creating a stronger symbiotic relationship with established localization experts in the market will enable you to further build a stronger brand in the market that you seek to explore. 

  • Trust

Localization enables you to showcase your willingness to speak with the consumers in their native language and break the ice. Your customers should know that you understand their life challenges and offer them solutions based on their life’s perception.

  • Optimize

Once your marketing message is localized, don’t forget to optimize it too! Suitable search engine optimization tactics will make you discoverable in the new targeted markets. By localizing the images, video captions, infographics, content, metadata, and meta tags, your business will be visible in the local searches. Thus, you gain a better opportunity to share, connect, and sell.


Localization moulds your marketing messages according to the local flavours to ensure that you can build personalized customer relationships essential for successful marketing campaigns.

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