Languages – The Key to your Customer’s Hearts

“Localization is the most personal form of customer relationship.”                                                                 ~ Georges Simenon (Belgian Author) India is the world’s fifth-largest economy with a $2.94 trillion GDP. Erstwhile an agrarian economy, today, it prides itself in robust services and manufacturing sectors. These segments have generated massive business opportunities, attracting global brands

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Growth of Microfinance in Rural Markets

Microfinance began in the early 1980s to support low-income people with limited access to traditional banking services. Lack of institutional and technical framework curbed the growth of microfinance. For the time being, however, there are many significant changes in the operation of microfinance industries with revolutionary digital transformations. Recent times,

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Growth of Consumption in Rural Markets

850 million people live in the Indian hinterlands. The rural Indian economy contributes more than 50% to the Indian GDP. When Coronavirus made landfall in India, it triggered a massive migration of workers returning to their villages. Agriculture emerged as a social safety net for the Indian economy. A good

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Rise of Vernacular Content in India

It’s now official; the growing vernacular internet users have outnumbered the English language users. Regional aspirations are now shaping businesses’ growth strategy as a substantial consumer base in non-metro regions is all set to participate in the digital medium. A 2017 Google report estimated that Indian (vernacular) language internet users

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How to Translate your website for Free

With MoxVeda, localizing your website is very easy. Follow the following steps to translate your website into your favored language.  Select the plan that suits your needs the best. If you want to just try the product,  Select MoxVeda’s Free trial which lets you translate your website into any 2 languages for

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