Diversity of language, culture and religions is the uniqueness of India; and for this very reason, India is one of the hardest markets to tackle. 9 out of 10 new users on internet since 2017 have been Indian language users .

This is where Process 9 comes in.

We are a localization technology provider enabling businesses to reach Indian language consumers and effectively increase their market share by providing them with innovative solutions to increase scalability.


To democratize the Indian internet space in all Indian languages, using the three pillars of Technology, Process and Resource aggregation


To empower the masses to leverage technology without any language barriers


  • Connect all digital users regardless of their native languages
  • Enable e-businesses to tap the non-English speaking market
  • Make localization easy-to-use and commercially viable for e-businesses
  • Create high-accuracy localization technologies


Vidushi Kapoor


Vidushi Kapoor graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi with an Honors degree in Economics. A deep interest in Indian languages drives her to develop tools and technology, at Process 9. She also heads project management.


Rakesh Kapoor


Rakesh Kapoor is an M.Tech. from BITS Pilani. He set up Summit Information Technologies in the early 1990s to become one of the pioneers of Indian Language Computing. Having faced and overcome language barriers in his growing years, he established Process 9 to ensure no Indian is disadvantaged by a lack of knowledge of the English language.

Devendra Joshi


Devendra Joshi completed his B.E. in Computer Sciences from IISc, Bangalore, before launching the first Indian languages implementation program on Apple and Windows. He is recognized as a guru in the development of Indian language technologies and co-founded Summit Information Technologies, where he developed various media workflow and language-technology products.

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