Explore Facts Of Choosing Multilingual Website Services For Your Business

In the advanced technology, clients speak in various languages in all over the world.  Language is an important one to improve customer traffic on a business website.  Localization website offer interface to get a potential customer to the company in present marketing. Currently, more than fifty thousands of people are using localization service. The Internet … Continue reading “Explore Facts Of Choosing Multilingual Website Services For Your Business”

Make for India

Today, internet in India, unfortunately, isn’t designed for India. Most importantly, it doesn’t speak a language that India understands. It is for most part in English – hence reaching a meagre 12-15% of the country. Consumer internet businesses are now realizing this folly, and are joining the localization bandwagon. However, they’re faced with a number … Continue reading “Make for India”

Scaling Up to Add 1 Billion New Customers

Over 85% people in India do not speak English. That adds up to 1 billion people. Whatever product or service that you may be selling, you need to communicate to your customers in their language. Without localization or globalization whatever you may call it, you cannot scale up your reach beyond English literate customers. No … Continue reading “Scaling Up to Add 1 Billion New Customers”