Best Android Language Translation Apps & Services

When touring to overseas countries that don’t speak English, the language barrier is often the most difficult problem that vacationers must face. But no longer all of us can hire an expert translator, or even fewer human beings need to. A modern-day Android Smartphone loaded with a ramification of translation apps is regularly more than … Continue reading “Best Android Language Translation Apps & Services”

How to Localize Your Android App – Step by Step Guide

Often when we increase our trendy apps, we focus on turning in as soon as viable, which leads us to take shortcuts, consisting of now not considering internationalization. When we determine we need to have our app translated, it may be pretty an ache if we don’t reflect on consideration on that from the very … Continue reading “How to Localize Your Android App – Step by Step Guide”

Mobile App Localization Benefits to Increase the Business

Now, there are lots of people utilize the mobile app to run the business smoothly. They have come up with the fine app with the high download option and best reviews among the users. by using the Mobile app localization, you can enjoy the benefits of it in your business. It is a great way … Continue reading “Mobile App Localization Benefits to Increase the Business”

Why APP Localization is Necessary for the Businesses Nowdays

We love to hear the expression that the world is getting littler and littler consistently. It influenced us to think for a minute. App localization is the way the creator is endeavoring to pass on the way that signifies the advances in interchanges are bringing individuals nearer. It’s a changing world The web is changing … Continue reading “Why APP Localization is Necessary for the Businesses Nowdays”

Follow the Step By Step Guide for the ios Localization

Today, most of the people use different types of smartphone based on the budget. iPhone is the widely used one among the users in these days. They need to take the perfect guide for the app localization purpose. It is helpful for the users to use the apps in multiple languages. The people can earn … Continue reading “Follow the Step By Step Guide for the ios Localization”

Choose Right Professional for Localization Service to Your Business

Currently, smartphone and tablets are used more from people.  Businesses are using some application to attain growth in their sales. The localization of mobile app is important for operating information and interacts with a user in sufficient language. Mobile app localization is the great way for many companies to earn more crowds on their business. … Continue reading “Choose Right Professional for Localization Service to Your Business”

Simple Procedure To Localize Your Android App

The localization is one of the processes to create your app into the other languages. It helps to improve your customer and brand awareness among the peoples. With the help of the Android SDK, the language of localized string and the display value is used as a format based on the device locale. The locale … Continue reading “Simple Procedure To Localize Your Android App”

Make for India

Today, internet in India, unfortunately, isn’t designed for India. Most importantly, it doesn’t speak a language that India understands. It is for most part in English – hence reaching a meagre 12-15% of the country. Consumer internet businesses are now realizing this folly, and are joining the localization bandwagon. However, they’re faced with a number … Continue reading “Make for India”

Relearning Hindi

Most of us study Hindi at school, the क ख ग ,  संज्ञा, विशेषण, विलोम  and मुहावरे , which are mugged up just before an exam and forgotten the second we hand in our answer sheets. When we came to designing the MOX Keypad, not only did we have to revisit all the forgotten lessons, … Continue reading “Relearning Hindi”