Simple Procedure To Localize Your Android App

The localization is one of the processes to create your app into the other languages. It helps to improve your customer and brand awareness among the peoples. With the help of the Android SDK, the language of localized string and the display value is used as a format based on the device locale. The locale of the device is a combination of country and language. You can make your app in English and then you localize your app to different languages such as Spanish, Italian, Japanese and others.


Procedure to localize your android app

Most of the Android app has a lot of the words and it is the wonder the app developer can the keep the stuff straight. It is very simple to type a word in code part and misspell words in other parts. The user can reduce the issues by developing the string constants. Here you can see simple steps to localize Your App.

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  • First, open your android project. You should open your project in the reusable format and then put a designer tool in the text mode. Now you can notice lines like extra cheese and the user need to understand what means extra cheese.

  • You can select inside string extra cheese in the editor and then click Alt-enter key. Now the pop-up menu will appear on the screen that contains the action list and you can choose from that.

  • The user can choose the extract string resource in the menu of intention action. Then you need to type extra cheese in the field of resource name and it should not contain the blank spaces.

  • Then click OK. The android studio replaces the extra cheese in the layout. You should right click the string file in the project value folder in your tool window.

  • Now you need to open translation editor in the context menu. Click a global icon on the top of translator editor.

  • Then the language list locales display and you can choose the language locale from that list. For example, if you select Japanese and check the full scoop on the language locales.

  • The users need to double click the Japanese (it) column in the row of extra_ cheese. In the column type Con and click enter.

  • You should repeat the step for the show, plain rows, and pepperoni. If the Japanese are the bit copy your text from the values-it or string file below.

  • Finally, test your app. in the device emulators have the unique setting for the input and language. Change the setting to Japanese and your android app look in the Japanese language.

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Benefits of localizing your app

If your app needs to globally success then you should localize your app that helps you to improve the visibility of your app. There is a huge amount of the benefits of using the app localization such as boost audience, competitive benefits, improve visibility, unlimited sales, and much more. The localization is a translation of strings in your app to a different language that involves the displaying data like time, date, and others.

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